Why Hair Extensions Should Be on Your Black Friday List

November 06, 2020

Why Hair Extensions Should Be on Your Black Friday List

Black Friday is right around the corner and that means crazy good deals on all of your favorite items online. At AmazingBeautyHair, we’ll be offering amazing deals and limited-time sales on the best 100% Remy human hair extensions, so you can look amazing for the holidays and beyond, for less!


The Best Hair Extensions for Your Hair

You’ve already got premium human hair extensions on your wish list this coming holiday season, but you can’t simply go with the first extension you see. There are several types of hair extensions that are suitable for different lifestyles and hair types.

The two main categories of hair extensions are temporary extensions and semi-permanent extensions. Each offer varying pros and cons, and it’s important to understand your personal preferences and hair type to choose the right type for you.  


Clip in hair Extensions

Clip in and Halo Hair Extensions

Clip in and halo hair extensions are two types of temporary hair extensions, that means they are put into the hair each and every time you want the added length and volume. They are taken out before you go to sleep, and you don’t need a stylist to install them.

Here are more features and benefits of temporary hair extensions:

  • They require the least commitment
  • They are easy and simple to install
  • They offer added volume, length and style whenever you wish
  • They are convenient
  • They are installed yourself (no salon needed!)
  • They are perfect for special events like holiday parties when you want temporary added style 

While clip in hair extensions are the most popular type, they can put a strain on fine and thinning hair. Halo hair extensions are very gentle and only use a clear nylon wire that rests on the head to add length and volume (no clips, tape, or glue!).

You can find clip in extensions and halo hair extensions here. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of the year’s best sale happening on Black Friday!


Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions offer semi-permanent length and volume, which means they last longer than one wear and can be slept, bathed, and swam in. Tape in hair extensions are typically installed by a professional stylist and require routine re-application to account for hair growth.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Here are more reasons to choose tape in hair extensions:

  • Once applied, they stay in the hair until you want to take them out (with maintenance in-between)
  • They can be lived in just like your natural hair, allowing you to wake up every day with gorgeous, voluminous hair!
  • They are the best option for those who are ready to commit to having longer, thicker hair
  • They are gentle on fine and thinning hair, preventing damage that other hair extension types can cause on sensitive strands

Find your perfect tape in hair extensions here, revisiting us on Black Friday for the best prices!



Why Hair Extensions Are Perfect for the Holidays

Black Friday is like the unofficial kick-off to the holiday season. Bells are ringing and there’s a certain joyful feeling in the air. It’s as if everyone is gearing up for hosting and going to family and friend get-togethers and holiday parties. It’s also the time of year that we all feel like dressing a bit fancier and taking the time and effort to look our best. Hair extensions are a great way to add elevated style and glamour to your look.

Why should hair extensions be on your must-have list for this Black Friday? Here’s why!

  • Hair extensions will make you look fabulous for all the holiday parties and gatherings!
  • Hair extensions can offer short-term or long-term style depending on how long you want the added length and volume
  • Hair extensions are a wonderful form of self-care, offering something special just for you and helping you to look your best

Show yourself and your hair some love this holiday season with beautiful locks that will carry you through the holidays and beyond.


Halo Hair Extensions

How to Get Your Must-Have Hair Extensions on Sale This Black Friday 

Ready to up your hair game this upcoming holiday season and into the new year? Then you do not want to miss out on the amazing deals on the highest quality human hair extensions this Black Friday! We’ll be offering the best prices on our tape in, clip in, and halo hair extensions for you to find the best option to suit your lifestyle, preferences, and hair type.


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