Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Halo Hair Extensions

November 14, 2019

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions are the fastest and easiest way to transform your hair into fuller, longer locks! In just a couple of minutes, you can increase your hair's volume and length to achieve the look that you desire, without any of the fuss! 

What are Halo Hair Extensions?

The Amazing Beauty Halo hair extensions are a one-piece hair extension with an invisible wire, similar to a fishing wire, that secures onto the top of your head like a headband. Unlike other hair extensions the Halo doesn't physically attach to your hair, it simply sits on the top of your head, hence the name 'Halo', whilst your real hair weighs it down to secure it in place.  The Amazing Beauty Halo hair extension is one continuous weft of hair unlike clip-in extensions and other extensions that are made from multiple wefts of hair. The length of the wire is measured so that it is customized to the size of your head which prevents it from slipping or being too tight, thus creating the perfect fit.

Halo Hair Extensions Before And After

As with all extensions there are pros and cons which can be explored to see if the Halo is the right fit for you and your lifestyle, let’s take a look at these below;  

Halo Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Halo hair extensions Pros:

+ The Halo extensions is the fastest method out of all of the extensions available as they are so quick and easy to put in, making it a great option for those of you who don't want the wear clip-in extensions but are looking for something faster than the clip-ins extensions  

+ Safe for your real hair - the Halo extensions don't damage your real hair as there are no bonds or adhesive.  As the Halo hair extensions are not attached to your real hair in any way they will not pull on the hair follicles either

+ Extremely comfortable - thanks to the style of the Halo you can't even feel the wire attachment when you wear it, unlike clips/tapes and bonds which some people can feel pulling

+ Perfect if you only want to wear extensions for special occasions or nights out and don’t want the more permanent style extensions

+ The Halo extensions is an excellent option for someone who just wants to try hair extensions before making a full commitment - perfect for hair extension beginners

+ Cost-effective - no regular expensive salon visits needed for maintenance unlike other types of extensions.  Having your hair ‘moved up’, ‘re-bonded’, etc, etc can cost hundreds of dollars per visit

Install Halo Hair Extensions


+ Looks much more natural than some hair extensions which can look too obvious, especially when the bonds/clips/tapes are visible

+ If properly taken care of the Halo hair extensions can last up to 12 months.  Along with clip ins these are the longest lasting out of all hair extensions

+ Will not have any effect on growing your natural hair, some hair extensions can cause stress on the hair follicles if they are not applied properly.  


Halo hair extensions Cons

- The extensions can be difficult to style into up-dos or top knots as the wire sits around the crown.  It is more suited for those who like wearing their hair down or for lower hairstyles 

- The Halo extensions are not suitable for activities such as swimming, it is important to try not to get the Halo wet as it can damage and dry out the hair. 

- You must remember to take them out before sleeping - all hair extensions can get tangled whilst in bed but the Halo is more easily displaced during sleeping

- Not really suitable for short hair without additional clip ins, the Halo hair extension is more suitable for shoulder length to long hair.  This is because it is harder to blend the Halo into shorter hair so clip-ins may be a better alternative for short styles.

- The Halo extensions are a temporary, removable option that wouldn’t be a good option for someone looking for permanent hair extensions

Both the Amazing Beauty Halo hair extensions and the Amazing Beauty clip in hair extensions are great temporary options for achieving longer, fuller hair.  The main difference between them to consider is the amount of time that it takes to apply for the extensions. Due to the Halo being one continuous weft of hair along an invisible wire it is simply placed on your crown in one go,  whereas Clip Ins are multiple wefts that you must attach individually to sections of your hair. This can be more time consuming, especially for beginners who are learning where to place the clip ins for the first time.


Halo Hair Extensions VS Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions come in packs of wefts which must be carefully placed around the head to achieve a blended result.  The good thing about the clip ins is that you can control the volume depending upon how many clips you add. If you are looking for something fast and easy then the Halo hair extensions may be more suitable, but if you enjoy taking your time on your hair and having the control of placing the wefts yourself then the clip in route may be for you.

Halo Hair Extensions

How To Apply Halo Hair Extensions

Applying the Amazing Beauty Halo extensions is easy and can be followed in these 4 simple steps

1 - gently brush the Halo extensions and your real hair to make sure there are no tangles in either.  We recommend using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to avoid snagging and breakage.

2 - Using the end of a comb then separate the hair from your crown and tie it into a top-knot.  Keep the hair around your face loose which will create a natural, blended look once the Halo extensions is in.

3 - Place the Halo extensions onto your head around the crown - the customized wire length will ensure that it stays in place.

4 - Untie your top-knot and loosen your natural hair over the Halo.  Then gently brush it all out so that your natural hair is now blended in the halo extensions. Voila, you have longer, fuller hair!


Crystal Whitaker is wearing 60# color


Halo hair extensions last the longest out of any kind of hair extension, except perhaps clip ins which last for around the same amount of time.  Permanent hair extensions can start to wear after just a few months if not taken proper care of - this is because they go through the same wear and tear that our natural hair would day to day- washing, styling, tangling during sleep, etc.

How long does halo hair extensions last?

Halo hair extensions can last from a few months up to one year if they are properly looked after.  It is important to brush them regularly and hang them in a dry place when not wearing them. Washing them every 4 - 5 wears is what we recommend as washing them too often can cause them to dry out even more.  Also, it is important when washing the hair to use products specifically formulated for extensions or products that are alcohol-free and sulfate-free to avoid damaging them. It is also important to note that if you are intending on styling your Halo hair extensions to do so when you are not wearing your extensions.  The high temperatures from styling tools could melt the wire, and we don’t want that!

Are halo hair extensions good for thin hair?

Women can have thin or low-density hair for a number of reasons, including genetics, hormones, or even over processing from hair tools or coloring.  Unfortunately, thin hair is also more fragile which means it should not really be dyed or over-styled with curling irons or straighteners. Although there are options on the market such as vitamins and hair products that say they can increase your hair’s fullness, if the real cause is genetics then the chances are these will not really help.  Sadly, this means many girls are left feeling frustrated and disappointed, luckily hair extensions such as the Halo hair extensions are a perfect solution.

AmazingBeauty Hair Extensions

The Halo extensions are the best option for thin or fine hair as they do not use any kind of clips, bonds or adhesive that attach to your real hair.  This prevents any strain on the natural hair which could tug it at the scalp and hair follicle as well as any damage to the hair itself. They are also completely painless, as they simply 'sit' on your head rather than some extensions where you may feel a slight 'pulling' sensation.  As the attachment is such a fine, silicone wire loop, even on the thinnest hair it is invisible. Most people who wear the Halo extension do not even realize that they have them in, this is why they are the number one recommended option for those with thin hair.

Do halo hair extensions hurt?

Girls and women often have concerns that wearing hair extensions can hurt because some methods have been known to create a tugging sensation where they are attached to the real hair.  One of the many benefits of the Halo hair extensions is that they do not hurt at all, they are 100% painless! Like we discussed before, because the hair does not physically attach itself to any of your real hair it can hardly be felt.  You may simply feel a little additional weight from the extra hair but as it is evenly distributed around your scalp it’s barely noticeable. Our halo extensions are lightweight and comfortable and can totally transform your look in seconds!