March 19, 2019


Halo hair extensions in the market today are of high quality and they match almost all types of hair types and colors. Unlike most hair extensions, they are thicker and made in a manner that makes them very easy to use as well as comfortable to wear. The good thing about them is that when worn, they give the impression that you have really great hair contrary to most extensions that tend to show that you are wearing hair extensions! In fact, they are incredible and no doubt that it will always give you amazing results.

The Halo hair extension is among the most inventive as well as creative hair products available today. It is made of Indian Remy human hair and consists of an inbuilt-miracle wire meant to ease the installation process. This feature has made the halo hair extension among the quickest hair extensions to fix. This type of hair extension is now gaining momentum at a fast rate when it comes to beauty and fashion worldwide. It has significantly contributed to boosting confidence among women. For the women with thin hair, it aids in adding volume to their hair and give them a super look. The halo hair extensions are very fine and are pocket-friendly. They have also been tailored in a manner that ensures that the needs of various women who are keen on details are met regardless of their income classes.

The halo hair extensions are available in different patterns outlined below:

  • Tape-in
  • Luxe weft
  • Ponytails
  • Clip-ins
  • Pre-bonded
  • Headbands

The pre-bonded halo hair extensions come in various forms which include Micro Loop, Stick Tip, Nail Tip, and Nano Ring. For women who love classic ponytails like the Ariana Grande, the available Halo Ponytail will make their dreams come true. It is a very ideal hair accessory that suits any event, making the hair longer and fuller.

Hair Extensions Before and After

Here are some super tips to help you when wearing halo hair extensions to ensure you look great:


It can be very boring and one of the worst experiences ever to have a botched hair extension installed on your head. It is indeed regrettable having a hair extension set that is bungled. An individual who has worn extensions for over ten years is in a better position to explain this. To get the much desired seamless transformation, it is very crucial to color match your halo hair extensions. This should be one of your goals to ensure you maintain a consistent gorgeous look!


Cutting the halo hair extensions aids in making them appear thicker. Going a step further to layer and blend them perfectly with your natural hair goes a long way in ensuring that you get the much desired seamless hair transformation.

Halo Extensions

 It is highly recommended that you take your halo hair extension to your preferred hair stylist who will help you get them cut and blended to your natural hair. You can choose to custom color your halo hair extensions. Your hair stylist can color them for you, however, bleaching or lightening them is not recommended. Lightening and bleaching are discouraged for it results in damage of the quality of the halo hair extensions. It is advisable that whenever you choose to custom color the halo hair extensions you need to buy one shade or two lighter then dye the hair darker in order match your desired custom color. 

Blow Dry Hair


 Many women normally get troubled whether their halo hair extension will fit them. There is no need to worry for they can be completely adjusted. Yes, they are very flexible. The adjustment is not only made through the aid of the wire setting, but the clips can also be used to make appropriate adjustments. The halo wire gives four different options to choose from: small, extra small, medium, and large. On the back of the halo hair extension band, there are clips designed solely for extra security hold. The beauty about it is that you can simply remove the clips if you do not want to use them.

Halo Extensions


 The halo hair extension is rated as one of the great and fast ways to get an easy hair transformation. It can be fixed within a few minutes without the aid of a second party (by yourself) by simply following the steps outlined below:

  1. First, take a comb and use it to part your hair up in such a manner that leaves half up and another half down. 
  2. Secondly, put the halo hair extension band to sit on top of your head about 1 to 3 inches just behind the hairline (just like a “halo”). 
  3. After that, position the band with the sides slightly above your ears then proceed to firmly secure the clips available in the back. 
  4. Once you have firmly secured the halo hair extension, undo your clipped up hair then thoroughly brush your hair over the installed hair extension.
  5. Remember to make sure that the halo hair extension wire together with the back band is completely covered to ensure you get the desired seamless hair transformation.


 The halo hair extensions are made up of 100% remy human hair. They can hence be styled in any desired manner just like one would do with the natural hair. You can, in fact, utilize the wand, hair curling accessory, straightening hot iron, and other styling instruments. However, you need to be very cautious and utilize warmth protecting sprays that aid in ensuring that your hair gets protected while the hot devices are used to bring out the desired styles.

Hair Extensions

Just like you would do to your natural hair, taking good care of the halo hair extensions and keeping them healthy is very important. The use of hot tools in order to curl, straighten, or wave the extensions requires more care. It is highly recommended that you deep condition the halo hair extensions using the recommended types of hair extension masks. If you normally style them with dry hair shampoo, hair spray, or any other hair products, washing the halo hair extension band is recommended and you can thereafter use a clarifying shampoo that helps remove the hair products as well as prevent product build up. 

The outlined tips will be very helpful when wearing your halo hair extension to get the coveted great look. You need not to worry about how to remove your halo hair extension. There isn’t any huge mystery when it comes to removing the halo. You just have to pull it off by the weft for this helps in ensuring that you do not exert excessive tension on the wire while removing it.