Hair Do’s and Don’ts For Women Over 50

January 12, 2023

Hair Do’s and Don’ts For Women Over 50

Getting older means dealing with the changes our hair goes through. Most of you will experience thinning hair, loss of volume, and the greys that need to be covered. One thing we can do to keep our youth alive is to have a hairstyle that complements our age.

It is not a myth that our hairstyle can have a dramatic effect on our ability to look younger, or older. Top stylists from all over have come up with styles that will keep you looking younger, and styles that don’t.

Hairstyles that are sure to keep you looking youthful.

1. Shag- Since this style is cut with a razor it works great for thinning hair. A shoulder-length shag is in the realm of youth for you.

2. Short cut with fringe- Keeping your hair short is the classic style to keep the youth alive. This style is easy to maintain too. A neck-length shortcut with longer layers that leave a fringe bang. This cut looks great if you wear glasses also putting an emphasis on your eyes.

3. Pixie with side bangs- If you experience the frustrations of thinning hair then get a cut that works with thinner hair, not against it. This cut works with all textures, but compliments thinner hair. This cut is done with a razor leaving a long side bang full of texture. This will turn some heads while guessing your age to be some 10 years younger.

4. Natural Curls- For older women with curly hair. Keeping it natural is what the experts say to do. Put a little bit of product in those curls and let them do their magic. Trim it up to shoulder length or right above. Be careful not to go too short. This is a beautiful look, and anyone with curls should embrace it.

5. Shoulder length with bangs- For those of you with thicker hair a simple shoulder-length undercut with bangs is the look for you. If you want this look, but have thinner hair you should experiment with hair clip-ins from Amazing beauty hair this is so fun to play with and will give you the opportunity to try those styles your texture kept you from.

6. The classic bob- This is a perfectly classy look for any woman. This can be worn with or without bangs. This style is definitely for the young at heart, and you can achieve your style potential if you have thick or thin hair.

It seems that shorter hair is hands down the way to keep that younger vibe. Keeping your locks shoulder length and above is the goal no matter what style you aim to achieve. Pixie cuts and lots of layers will don the look of youth as well.


You can thank the hair gods for making chrome the hot look for now. It makes it a lot easier to find a complementing color for those of us who have natural chrome. If you are lucky enough to have natural chrome highlights, then you are hip with the times, and saving a ton of money on color. Be sure to use a purple shampoo and conditioner to keep those highlights looking their best vibrant shade.

Here are some other color choices to keep us from looking our age.

1. Honey blonde- This color will also look good with chrome highlights as it will blend together seamlessly producing a soft color with your natural tones. Giving the soft glow look.

2. A mix of colors- For those sleek classy bobs a mixture of these pieces is foiled to keep the color separated. Using black, brown, and blonde for your color choices. You can choose a more precise tone with your stylist. This takes a bit more time to achieve but is worth every minute. A very stunning look, and also looks great with layers. This gives off an up-to-date, and high-maintenance look.

3. Dark with highlights- For those of you who have a bit more grey to cover, and want to ensure you have good even coverage. Start with an all-over base color of your choice. Anything that is a level 6 and below. That would be a dark blonde and darker. Then add some highlights to bring out that playful youth.

4. Matte beige- This gives off a light summery vibe. Perfect for the middle aged lady. A matte beige blonde is a color to keep a fresh youthful look to any style or cut. The lighter tones will blend with any natural grey you may have appearing as highlights, or you can choose to cover them with the beige tone as well still giving off a bright and simple color masterpiece.

    Haircuts, style, and color can add years to your look, or take them away. Take advice from the experts who have experimented with these styles so that they can give you the best hair advice. Putting into consideration factors of how old the style itself is, hair texture, and face shapes. More goes into these results than you may think. You can rest assured though they are giving you ideas that will have you looking your best. It would be hard to try out all of these styles and only take note of the becoming ones. They also take note of the mistakes and share that information in hopes to keep them from repeating themselves.

    Here are some of the styles that will add years to your look, and should be thrown into the category of hair don’ts.


    Should be thrown into the category of hair don’ts.

    1. The bouffant- This outdated look will rub off on you. Also giving you the appearance of being outdated. If that is not enough to make you want to pass on this style. Think of all the hairspray and backcombing that causes damage to your hair just to achieve the style. This one is better left in the basement ladies.

    2. Faucet shag- The Farrah Faucet long layers are definitely a hair don’t. Any look that is from the past will have ou looking past-tense as well. So let’s leave them in the past where they belong.

    3. Long hair- As hair gets older its gets dryer and breaks off leaving the hair damaged. Really long hair will have that dry, brittle look at the ends. This looks old and will, unfortunately, do the same for your look.

    4. Super short-While the shoulder length pixie styles are a green light for the young at heart. The super short style that requires no work at all is a screeching halt of red. This leaves your face open to show all the lines and wrinkles a longer bang or layers may hide.

    5. Short bobs-A blunt bob cut at the jawline gives the jaw a rigid look which can bring attention to your mouth, and the wrinkles that may appear there. This is one look to stay away from.

    6. The Chelsea-This cut is buzzed in the back and is perfect for the real-time young to show off. Not those of us trying to hold the younger look. So add buzz cuts to your no list.

      Any cuts that leave the face open can draw attention to the areas we prefer to blur like the lines and sagging skin. Haircuts that are from a past era tend to hold onto a look from the past. We should leave those to the ’70s and ’80s.

      Thank you to our friends at Hair Shepard, and Bleacherbreaker for the great advice on hair do’s and don’ts. It is advice well taken to keep us on the younger side of things.