5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear Extensions for the First Time

January 31, 2023

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear Extensions for the First Time

If it’s your first time approaching the world of hair extensions, either your trying tape ins, clip ins, micro loops or any other type of extensions, you really need to read this guide! It’s super common, when you first wear extensions, to treat your new hair as you used to do with your natural hair. As much as the feeling, the texture and the final result may seem as natural as your own hair, behaving as you normally would, can damage extensions, they need some extra care. In the long run it’s just about getting used to something new, they don’t really require too much time nor too much energy, yet here’s some simple but very necessary things to know when you wear extensions for the first time!

First of all, not all extensions are the same and they all ask for some specific precautions, to avoid ruining them or being very uncomfortable and aggressive to your scalp. Let’s start with ready to wear, which are clips ins, Wire Extensions and Ponytails.

This type of extensions isn’t permanent, which means you can choose to wear them or not on a daily base. You can have multiple options and choose according to your mood of the day!

1. Learn a correct routine when you store your hair extensions

The most important thing for temporary extensions is to store them properly to prevent tangles and product builds-up. When you remove your hair extensions always remember to brush them, starting from the top very gently. You can lay them straight on a table or on a mannequin, gently brush until the texture is smooth and there’s no tangles nor fuzz. It’s important to understand and learn in the beginning, that hair extensions don’t get moisture and nutrients from your scalp as natural hair do, so they always need to be moisturized artificially, always use biologic and organic products and make sure, reading the description of the products, to not use aggressive chemicals on them, using the right products will assure a long life and healthy look to your hair extensions. Brushing also helps removing all the product in excess, avoiding build-up and consequential ruin, so brush, brush, brush!

2. Clipping your extensions wrongly

When you first use temporary clip-in extensions it is very common to wrongly place them on your scalp, it’s a mistake to think that placing extensions as high as possible will give you more volume and a more natural effect. We don’t have as much hair on top of our head as we think, actually the volume starts from the back of our hair, so, to make sure we always cover the wefts of clip-ins we should apply extensions on the back of our heads and not too high up. A trick is to never apply them higher that the eyebrow level and to use your ears/ jaw line as the lower point to apply them, sticking to eyebrow-ears area is a life saver for beginners!

3. Not choosing the right match for your hair

Picking the right colorisn’t as easy as it seems! It is an extremely common mistake for first time users to choose a wrong color for extensions. It happens because when choosing extensions we imagine the look of a celebrity we saw on instagram, or we want to experiment with a new look, with lighter hair, with different textures etc. and we often forget that choosing a shade too different from our roots and natural color will only compromise the final look. It will be too evident that it’s not our natural hair and that we are wearing wrong extensions, ending up with a messy look. Always ask for a styling consultant if it’s your first time or, if you want to be extra sure, buy the color ring to understand without problems which shade to go for!

To perfectly understand the color to choose of your extensions, you should always match the middle and ends of your hair instead of the roots, since you’re going to secure your weft, as we said before, at eyebrow level and not on your scalp.

Also, since our natural hair tend to get lighter towards the ends it is always suggested to pick extensions that has two slightly different shades in it, in this way it will always blend smoothly.

These are some of the most useful tips to remember if you want to avoid common mistakes for first time users of ready to wear hair extensions, on the other hand, if you are considering long term semi-permanent extensions, but you’ve never tried them before, there are some more common mistakes you definitely want to avoid! It is always better to experiment with temporary extensions to get used to the feeling and final effect, before going all-in with semi-permanents, once you’re ready to step up just avoid this 2 mistakes!


4. Don’t over do it!

When you have a look in your mind and you want a change of style, it is extremely common to radically decide to change it all, meaning that from a day to an other you want to go from short black hair to voluminous 20 inches blonde hair without considering all the proper steps in between to achieve the natural looking result you had in mind. This feeling often ends up in picking the wrong color, the wrong length, the wrong texture but even more commonly in picking the wrong quantity of hair extensions!

For a natural yet rich look we don’t need to apply that many wefts at all, it is more luxurious to have a simple and well made look, where you can’t really tell if it’s very healthy natural hair or well done hair extensions instead of a super voluminous look done with too many wefts. To avoid this problem on each product description you will find a little guide on how many packs to shop according to your hair type, so 2 packs for thin hair, 3 packs for medium hair and 4 packs for thick hair, you can’t make this mistake again!

5. Be careful washing your hair

If it’s your firs time applying semi-permanent hair extensions you really need to read this last point twice! Tape-insand all types of semi-permanent extensions need a specific glue to melt into your hair and get one with the natural hair underneath. The tape needs some time to properly dry into your hair and stick to it, which means that you need to be very careful on timing when you can wash your hair for the first time after having your tape hair extensions applied. It is okay to wait 72 hours to be safe but if you really want your extensions to last, the best rule is to wait 3 days before letting the extensions touch water, and even more importantly, to touch chemicals!

Speaking of chemicals it is also a very good rule to remember that hair shouldn’t be too “slippery” for the extensions to properly stick, which means that before applying the tape-ins, you should wash your hair as you normally would but skipping conditioner. Conditioner is indeed the most aggressive product for your extensions because of its intention of making your hair smooth, in other words, slippery! It is most likely silicone based and this will damage your tape-ins application and make them slip away. That’s why it is better, if possible, to even change your routine to always skip conditioner, or if your hair is particularly unruly you can always consult less aggressive options such as non-silicone based products or natural conditioner alternatives.


This is all you need to know if you are a first time hair extensions wearer and user, just follow this simple steps and enjoy your best look with extensions!