7 Amazing Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Look Fabulously Thicker

June 27, 2022

7 Amazing Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Look Fabulously Thicker

Having thin hair can be an issue when it comes to picking out the perfect style for that special trip. This dilemma makes it hard to choose the perfect hairstyle.

From celebrities to th,e neighbor next door, everyone struggles with thinning hair. There are ways to improve your style without needing to wear wigs or buy expensive products. Whether you are looking for a way to make your thin hair appear fuller, or want a small change. Either way, we found the best selection of the haircuts and styles for thin hair.

The secret to getting volume in any look is to have lots of textured layers that add to the lift when styling. To help get you inspired, these are the best hairstyles for thin hair. Our picks help create the illusion of a thicker mane. But if you are short on time, clip-in hair extensions are a safe, non-harmful way to add a touch of added volume and length

1.) Lop (Long Bob)

If you are looking for something soft and subtle, the lop is what you are after. It is a versatile look that doesn’t have all the commitment of a pixie cute. A lop is shorter than a bob, and not long enough to be a crop.

If you are looking for a low-commitment way to add length to your bob. Our Remy Tape In Hair Extensions is an excellent way to compliment a bob, giving you enough length for a lop.

This style flatters any face shape while adding the fluffy edges of a shag cut. It is a low-maintenance style that can work for a variety of aesthetics and looks.

It works with curly hair, as well as thinner hair. Like the pixie cut, this look can bring out your best features. All the while giving a flair to any style. Keep in mind, that shorter styles do need more regular visits to the salon to manage the upkeep.

2.) Pixie Cut

This look plays into being very great choice for thin hair. There are many wide varieties of a pixie cut. Pixie cuts can be customized to any face shape and hair type. As well as a great choice for any age.

The point of this look is to customize it to suit the needs of the client. The secret to this look is that thinner hair blends with choppy layers that add lift to the look. The added layers create the illusion of volume. So when going for this look, make sure to express what your goals are with your stylist.


3.) Vintage Curls

The trick with this look is to master getting all the curls going in one direction. Taking enough time layering them one after the other in small sections. Mastering the perfect curl takes time and a lot of practice. But it can add a classic elegance to any look.

Once you're finished, you can brush out for a swoop that gives mega Jessica Rabbit vibes.
If you want to add a bit of flair to this look. While still rocking the vintage look, ombre is a beautiful way to add color to your hair.

Ombre has always been a go-to when it comes to adding beautiful color and dimension to a style. Our series of Ombre Tape In Hair Extensions is an easy way to add color, without the fuss of a salon.

Keeping with the theme, classic curls complement any face shape. The trick to making these curls stick is to prep your hair. Make sure to use volumizing dry shampoo and spritz with a little hair spray. This will make sure they don’t fall flat as soon as you hit that humid weather.

4.) A-line Cut Bob

The trick with any look when mastering thin hair is to incorporate layers to give lift. Which this look does stunningly. This look is ideal for those with thin or fine hair.
This look is perfect for anyone who is not ready to do the full commitment of short hair. All the while still offering that cute, playful look of shorter hair. An a-line cut look compliments round face shapes, as the back adds length to the look.

5. ) Beach Waves

This staple look is popular for its effortless beach boho look. This style is versatile and styled into many methods. If you worry about taking a heating tool to your hair, you can achieve these waves.

Like when you get ready for bed, braid your hair in a loose braid. When you wake up in the morning you will have gorgeous soft curls, and look like you came back from the beach!

With the trending highlights like the balayage growing in popularity. You can become ‘that girl’. When looking for hair extension clip-ins to add. Go with ones that have an ombre hue at the bottom so the highlights frame your face.

Our line of Balayage clip-in hair extensions comes in a variety of colors and selections. Thus allowing you to find the best one for your dream look. This look is usually geared towards women who have oval, diamond, and square face shapes.

6.) Slicked Back

Nothing screams baddie like a clean-slicked-back style. The key to this look is finding the right product that will hold your hair back. As well as drying your hair backward when using a blow-dryer.

The trick with this look is to blow-dry the hair back with a big barrel brush to create that volume. Apply some strong hold gel and smooth it through your hair.

This look is not only for men, this look adds a modern touch as well as splash of drama.


7.) Ballerina Bun

Touching base on the previous look, you can pair a ballerina bun with the slicked-back look for an elegant. When going for this look, make sure that you spritz your hair beforehand.

You want to make sure to tease your hair. This gives the illusion of volume, as well as gives the bobby pins something to grab onto. High buns like this are amazing for oval face shapes and help compliment your cheekbones.

If you find you don’t have enough hair to create the volume you want, a bun donut always works.

Final Thoughts

Thinning hair in women does not have to be a struggle. These hairstyles are sure to up your confidence when it comes to rocking the best looks. There are ways to style a haircut for the hair to look thicker. It is important to communicate your problem areas with your stylist. Some stylists even specialize in certain thin haircuts for women. They also work with different types of hair. So go out and enjoy the wonders of thinner hair, while not having to sacrifice style.