Follow These Steps To Prevent Losing Your Extensions

July 15, 2022

Follow These Steps To Prevent Losing Your Extensions


You just left the salon and you are looking fabulous with your new hair. The confidence boost from your new look is at an all time high. Nothing could bring you down. Well, almost nothing.

The worry about your new look being lost should not be a worry at all. How do we achieve this? Knowing you have some tricks in your personal arsenal to keep your extensions in, brings a little more security, and peace of mind.  

Nobody wants to waste thought on the fear of losing one of your extensions. Which after time, wear and tear the chances of you losing one of your strands could stand to be problematic. Even the tiniest piece can prove to be an embarrassing folly.

We asked some of the experts what we could do to keep our extensions in longer so we have some security with our confidence. They came up with these tips to help prevent the loss of any of your strands.


How to prevent lossing the hair extension--Amazing Beauty Hair
The first thing to know is that our hair has three stages of growth, one of them being shedding. You are never just going to lose all of your hair. We have all probably experienced a time when the amount of hair in the shower drain was alarming. However, losing a certain amount of hair during your shedding stage is completely normal.

Now, if your hair is in its shedding phase when you are getting your extensions applied could cause you to lose your extensions more easily. Less hair that is in the bond than when your extensions were applied will loosen no matter what.

There is no way to align your hair phases with your salon appointments. So the next best thing for this situation is to ask your stylist to show you the method they are using to apply your extensions. Most of the time you can tighten or make sure the bond is secure yourself. So when you feel one coming loose you will know how to properly secure it at home instead of trying to get back to the salon for an easy fix you can learn to do.


    How to prevent lossing the hair extension--Amazing Beauty Hair


    Before your extensions are applied at the salon, you can do some preparation that will help ensure the life of your extensions. Wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo. This removes all of the build up on your hair from hairspray, and oils. It will also strip build up from medications and any impurities out of your hair.

    Skip the conditioner after using a clarifying shampoo that way you're not putting oils or a coating back on your hair.This leaves your hair smooth and clean which makes for a more secure bond.

    Straightening your hair before your stylist applies your extensions makes it easier to work with. So before your appointment use a clarifying shampoo, no conditioner and show up with your hair straightened.


      How to prevent lossing the hair extension--Amazing Beauty Hair


      When you and your stylist are discussing the method of application keep in mind that if you have oily hair you will want to stay away from fusion bonds. If your hair is fine you will not want to use the rings.

      Your stylist can help you in choosing which method is best for your hair type. This is an important part of the process to ensure you get the proper method for your hair type.

      Which will leave you with the tightest most secure bond. It is important to listen to your stylist and what she suggests for you. Remember to ask your stylist to give you a crash course on the application so that you can tighten any loose strands yourself at home.


        How to prevent lossing the hair extension--Amazing Beauty Hair


        Another prevention for you to be aware of is loosening or pulling your extensions when brushing your hair. When your brush grabs a strand you can feel the security of your bond getting brushed out with it.

        Instead of brushing like you would on your natural hair. Try holding onto the bond before running the brush through. Don’t put the hairbrush flat on your scalp. This will prevent the brush from catching the bond and pulling it loose. Grab small sections of hair and pull them away from your head while brushing. Using 100% boar hair brushes work best for brushing out extensions.


          How to prevent lossing hair extension--Amazing Beauty Hair


          Be sure to use the proper products on your hair after your extensions are applied. This will improve the longevity of the bond. Therefore leaving your strands tightly secured longer Using the best extensions on the market from Amazing Beauty Hair. 

          Along with shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your hair extensions will ensure the security of your extensions staying in place. Also using an oil on your extensions to keep them from drying out should be on your list of taking care of your extensions. When applying the oil, pick up your hair in sections and pull the oil from underneath your method of application to the ends. Keeping the oil from direct application to the scalp.This will prevent the oil from getting on any bond and loosening the hold.

              How to prevent lossing the hair extension--Amazing Beauty Hair


              The last tip on the list of tricks to prevent the loss of your extensions is taking care when shampooing your extensions.

              When your hair is put through the process of getting wet and shampooing it puts a lot of extra weight on your hair pulling the bonds and holding on your extensions. Keep this in mind when you're washing your extensions to try and keep the stress from wet heavy hair pulling out your bond.

              You can try clipping up your long extensions to keep the stress off or wrapping it up immediately in a towel on the top of your head even in between shampooing and conditioning. It seems silly but taking the extra weight and pulling off your method of application will keep your hair tightly in place.


                How to prevent lossing your haur extension--Amazing Beauty Hair


                While your new extensions should hold up just fine. Try out some or all of these tips with your next application of extensions and see if it makes a difference in the life of your strands staying in.

                Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us. If you practice these tips you are guaranteed to have your extensions look amazing longer. The extra peace of mind knowing you have taken steps that will keep your hair secure should have you more secure also. So you  focus more on your confidence than worry.

                The confidence you have from your new extensions radiates off of you so not only do you know you look amazing everyone else knows it too. You can always find your next amazing look and get the best hair extensions on the market at Amazing Beauty Hair. We also have replacements and the tools you need for any method of application you may have. Tape-ins, clip-ins, wire, ponytail. A variety of different methods and what you need to keep your extensions secure yourself in between salon visits. You can find your next amazing look at Amazing Beauty and ensure the life of your amazing new look here.