4 Easy School Hairstyles You Will Love

September 09, 2022

4 Easy School Hairstyles You Will Love

Does scrolling Pinterest have you itching for a new hairstyle this school year, but fear the upkeep? You are not the only one. As the new year approaches, we want to go into the new semester with a new face. Both literally and metaphorically. Both teachers and students all face this problem. But when it comes to picking out a hairstyle that will make a lasting impression. The last thing we want is to invest time and energy in something we can't keep up with. Nothing is worse than going to the salon or spending your Saturday slaving in front of a mirror and hating it in the end.

Well, no worries, Amazing Beauty tracked down super easy, low-maintenance styles for both teachers and students. We ticked the boxes to make sure that these looks hit all the right notes. Rest assured, these styles allow you to express yourself. While still keeping in that pesky dress code and adding a professional, polished look that will have you glowing. When going for a super easy, low-maintenance look, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true braid. This versatile hairstyle can accommodate any hair type while adding a polished flair to any look.

Lemonade Braids

If you are looking for a type of hairstyle with an easily customizable style–look no further than this easy-peasy braid. Lemonade braids get its name because Beyoncé wore this type of braid on her 2016 album ‘Lemonade’. This style adds a touch of elegance with its side-swept long cornrows while offering a stunning side profile. The ideal length usually falls past your chest or waist.

The best part about this look is the ability to add any variation of long braids for a textured look. Lemonade braids allow you to customize your braids by adding colors and textures, adding your own personal touch to your hair. These braids allow you to choose any variation in length. A long length is the most common choice. But if you want to make sure you aren’t in the chair all day, a medium length will be less time-consuming while still giving the same effect. This protective style is well worth the effort and will ensure your hair will have zero damage.

Remy hair is the best choice when it comes to hair extensions. This is because it is 100% human hair. So you never have to question the quality or durability of the hair. Our line of Clip Ins is perfect when it comes to getting braids added to your hair. These extensions have a lifespan of 12 months when taken care of. The extensions' versatility is endless. You can twist, dye, and cut them like real human hair.

Dutch Braids

This classic style is always bound to turn heads. This braid is a cute and simple way to keep the hair out of your face when faced with an extended school day.
Dutch braids will never fail to add a touch of elegance while providing comfort all day long. One perk about a braid like this is it secures the hair on the top of the head. While keeping the shorter hairs that can’t reach the back out of the way. It also makes sure pressure isn’t on the back of the head like a ponytail. Psst, to all you Dads out there, this is a great braid to invest in learning if you're trying to win some brownie points.

If you are trying to grow out your hair; but it is a bit too short for a ponytail. One good hairstyle solution is to tape-in hair extensions. One big plus with tape-ins is you can add style and volume to your natural hair. With none of the noticeable beads with other extensions from peeking through when you throw your hair up.
This type of extension is fantastic because it does not damage your hair. It is also super easy to remove with a lower risk of irritating your scalp. Our line of Remy Hair Tape-In Extensionscomes in a wide selection of colors and styles. Hair extensions (especially human ones) can be a big investment with the risk of you not liking it in the end. Our line of tape-ins are designed to last and are re-useable over time with replacement tape.

Space Buns

This look was inspired by the classic “Princess Leia" style from ‘Star Wars.' Space buns flatter any hair type and are simple to achieve. They offer quick and low-maintenance design while still giving off a playful vibe. If you have fluffy kinky hair, you are able to rock a natural day and skip the styling tools while letting your hair do its thing. This also gives you a chance to flaunt your natural style. Plus, it gives your hair a break from all those harsh heating tools.

With bangs making their way back to the top. Adding space buns with a bit of fringe. One super fun thing about space buns is you can throw them up into a messy bun and go. There is no need to battle with any heating tools on this one.Have you ever wanted to try these adorable buns? Only to end up looking like Boo from Monsters Inc when you try to put up your hair into pigtails? Our line of Clip in hair extensionswill give your look a lift.

Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions come in a variety of different weft/clip ratios, so you can get what you need. With our clip-ins, you can still cut and style like your natural hair. With even one being enough for a full headof hair. These clip-ins are perfect for those with thin or fine hair and a serious confidence boost.

Bob Style

No, we are not talking about Bob the Builder. He wishes he had hair this fabulous, we are gushing about this chic style for 2022. If you are one of the types struggling with a larger forehead, this look is perfect. While the teased crown offers height that helps round out those beautiful features. This look offers a 90’s grunge look while catering to about any hair type. This option offers a serious variety with no limits. What is so charming about this look is the messier--the better. So, you can throw in some texture spray and rock the messy look.

One charming thing about bobs is the fun curls framing your face, but finding the right tool can be a hassle. Never fear–Our Rose Gold Wavy Barrel Curling Iron has what you need. With its 360 swivel cord and adjustable temperature display. It will handle whatever trend you want to tackle. At the same time, keeping your hair healthy and minimizing damage for an extra bounce.

You want to make sure to make the best impression. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or teacher this school year. When you have an amazing hairstyle, you feel good about it. You will own confidence that can carry on throughout your entire day. When it comes to picking a hairstyle you can feel good in, maintenance matters.