Discover Your Hair Type

February 21, 2019

Discover Your Hair Type

Hair Extensions are great for refreshing your look. They can be used to add volume and in this case, hair length. But before you decide to get them installed, it is important that you know what your hair type is. Knowing this information will make it easier for you when selecting which hair extensions are best. This article discusses the four main types of hair.

TYPE I: Straight Hair

Straight hair produces high levels of sebum which makes it the oiliest out of all the other hair types. Type One hair is difficult almost impossible to curl. This texture is also hard to braid. However, it requires the least maintenance.

Straight Hair Pattern

Tips: Wash your hair daily to minimize a build-up of oil. Use a large barrel shaped brush when blow drying your hair. It may also help to apply mousse to give the appearance of volume. Sharp haircuts also help to create volume to this type. Also, be consistent with brushing and combing to maintain the look.

TYPE II: Wavy Hair

Wavy hairfalls into a category that is somewhere in between being straight and curly. This texture has a characteristic about it that is slightly flatter at the root, yet S-shaped from center to end and is most prone to becoming frizzy when compared to the other textures. Wavy hair normally gives the appearance of becoming curly towards the height of the ears. They can range from fine- to super defined in wave pattern.

Wavy Hair

Tips: Wash your hair once a week and use anti-frizz and/or humidity protectants to help maintain the appearance of your waves. Also, try and minimize the amount of styling to your hair, as this may cause the frizz to reappear.

TYPE III: Curly Hair

Curly hair types can range in texture and usually have a combination of curl patterns. This hair is prone to becoming frizzy and dry. In comparison to wavy hair, curls are much more defined and bouncy, with more volume. They also have a greater height, with curls being present at the root. Curls can range in pattern from loose, to springy, to dense.

Curly Hair

Tips: Keep your hair washed once every week and use conditioners to detangle. Be sure not to weigh down the hair with too many products because it can make your curls oily. Avoid using heat as this can damage your curls.

TYPE IV: Coarse Hair

 Type 4 hair is normally coarse in texture but can be fine (with regards to its volume). Although coarse hair looks and feels very tough, it’s actually slightly fragile in its construction. When compared to the other hair types, coarse hair has the smallest amount of cuticle layers, which is why this type is very dry. Coarse hair requires the most maintenance, and needs lots of moisture.

Coarse Hair

 Tips: Stay away from shampoo; do a weekly co-wash instead. Be sure to follow with leave-in conditioners and hot oil treatments. Keep your hair moisturized and conditioned. Also, try to avoid using excessive heat.