Create the Perfect Ponytail using Hair Extensions

February 22, 2019

Create the Perfect Ponytail using Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great for refreshing your look. They come in a variety of different colors and can be styled easily with curls and waves. Although a bit challenging, styling your extensions into an up-do is possible. I will describe how to achieve this by creating the perfect ponytail.

Prepare your hair

To prepare your hair, you must first wash it. Follow your wash with a leave in conditioner and dampen. Be sure to detangle your hair by combing from the ends to the roots. It is always best to use a wide tooth comb to prevent from so much hair loss.

Prepare Hair

Smooth it out

Place a generous amount of either gel or mousse into the palms of your hands and rub together. Then, cover crown the crown of your head with your mixture. You want to continuously brush this part of your hair and sweep with your palm until the area is flat and smooth. Repeat these steps for the back and sides of your head until all is smooth. For coarser textures, you’ll need to also wrap your hair with a head scarf and wait for about 20-30 minutes before removing the scarf.

Hair Masks


After you get your hair to lay flat, you have to place your natural hair into a ponytail and braid the ends of it. You can secure your ends with a rubber band to keep the braid from coming apart. If your natural hair is too short to complete a braid, you may put it up into a small bun. Follow these steps to create a braid:

  • Section your hair into three even parts.
  • Begin by holding the left strand with your left hand and the right strand with your right hand.
  • Next, place the hair in the right hand over the middle section so that the right section is now in the middle. Then move the hair from the left hand over to the new middle section.
  • Continue to alternate between the left and right sides until you reach the end of the hair.

Braid Hair


To prepare your hair extensions, you must flatiron them at about 400 degrees to ensure that your faux ponytail will come out completely straight. Section your faux hair into three sections: bottom, center, and top. Using tape-in extensions, wrap the first track around the bottom of your natural braid. You want to do this in a way that the adhesive ends of the tape-in extensions will meet. If you want to use regular weft tracks instead, you will need hair pins to keep the hair in place. Next, you have to repeat the same steps for the center of your braid but this time, you continue to wrap the tape-ins starting from the top until the ends meet with the tape-ins at the bottom. Lastly, you wrap the final section of extensions around the very top of your natural braid. Continue to wrap the extensions around until you are left with a single strand. Secure with a hairpin.

High Ponytail