Curly Hair Extensions: All The Types Available and How to Take Care of Them

May 26, 2021

Curly Hair Extensions: All The Types Available and How to Take Care of Them

There are always many misconceptions about curly hair extensions, the most common is that well.. they don’t exist! Many people think, indeed, that extensions, not being your own hair can be styled in any different way starting from straight hair and the hairstyle will remain the same for ever, this teory would explain curly hair extensions as straight extensions iron curled once. Of course this is not true at all, first of all the best quality hair extensions, like the ones you can find on AMAZING BEAUTY HAIRare remy human hair, which means that with little differences cause the hair isn’t attached to your real scalp but yet, the type of care and effect can be very similar.

So, going back to point one, curly hair extensions exist and when you see those voluminous, perfect, shiny and healthy looking type of hair, it is most likely curly extensions.

So, if you are interested in going for a curly look yourself, either you are just curious and want to give your look a twist, or you are used to your afro hair and you don’t want to go too far risking with colors and new cuts, here’s a guide to all the different options for curly hair extensions, which type to get for your needs and desire, the lenghts, the colors, all the different lock options and of course how to take care of them in order to give your extensions the longest life possible always looking fresh and bright.

Let’s also remember that everyone can wear curly hair extensions but they are specifically thought and design to blend in perfectly with natural afro hair, and indeed all the locks and styles are thought to match perfectly the different natural variations of curly afro hair.


The first category of hair extensions available for curly hair is the clip-ins, we have to consider that if your natural hair is really curly it might be tricky, since curly hair is super tangly, to perfectly secure your hair extensions in place, so, in my opinion, clip-ins are the most comfortable options. We are talking about a big set of hair extensions that just needs to be placed safely on your scalp and secured through clips. No need to separate your own hair to secure them and stuff, just apply the clip-ins when your natural hair is dry and clean and be sure to enjoy your new voluminous hairstyle.

The different curl variationsavailable for clip-insare: Kinky Curls, Jerry Curls, Afro Kinky Curly, Afro Kinky Coily and  Kinky Straight. Of course each of the different type of curlcomes inn different colors, ombre styles and highlists, if you wanna go for a bolder look, for example, this “Clip in Hair Extension Kinky Straight Ombre Natural Black to Dark Wine” is the perfect options available to leave everyone without worlds, success guaranteed!

An other thing you can of course choose about your curly clip-insis the length, having hair extensions doesn’t mean that you always have to pick the longest option available to radically change your look, of course you can also gravitate towards more subtle changes, maybe just wanting to add some volume or to have a healthier looking hair, or to try some “artist” hairstyles that you wouldn’t be able to do with your own hair. By the way, whatever length you might like to try, you can! Most of the curly styles have options going from 12 to 22 Inches, meaning super short and super long, of course you can go for 14,16,18 or 20 inches for in-between lenghts.

The second type of Hair Extensions available is the most traditional one ever, the hair wave, in other words, sewn-in hair extensions. This type of extensions is made to last and be comfortable. They aren’t temporary extensions, in the sense that you can’t take them off before bed every night, they are “permanently”attached to your scalp for a longer and continuous period of time. Of course this isn’t the most gentle type of hair extensions, since your natural hair will be tightly braided underneath but they are 100% the less effort requiring. Once applied them you can absolutely forget about them and live your best life with your new hair as if it was your own! They don’t require touch-ups every couple of weeks. This isn’t the best option to choose if you have thin, few and light hair, cause the braids underneath need to be strong and able to support the sewing of curly hair extensions.

Now that you know about the two best options available, is time to go through all the tricks you should apply, once chosen your perfect extensions, to give them the longest life possible, the methods are pretty much the same for both hair extensions categories, so just follow this steps to take care of your curly hair extensions.

First of all Don’t use too much shampoo, it might seem that adding as much shampoo as possible will clean your hair extensions better but it’s not true, shampoos are reach of chemicals that if used in too large quantities can damage your extensions.

The second rule, for the same reason, is to avoid any source of Alcohol and Sulfates, they are extremely dangerous and drying for your hair extensions, they can also damage the richness of the lock, and there’s also many products out there, that don’t contain these aggressive agents!

The fourth trick you might find useful is not to blow dry the extensions, direct heat might damage the plastic clip components and can burn, if used inappropriately, the hair extensions, what I would suggest is to dry the extensions gently by wrapping them in a cotton towel or t-shirt, letting the extensions dry with hair will give a more healthy and natural look.

Next rule is, don’t try to style your hair extensions while wet, which even more importantly means, never brush your curly hair extensions! If they are particularly tangly try to moisturize the interested area before washing and gently districate the knots with your hands, but wet hair extensions are more fragile so take that in mind, you surely don’t won’t to break them.

Never use hair sprays, mousse or other types of similar hair products, first of because they are extremely rich in alcohol, thing that we already said to avoid at all costs, but also they don’t really work as they should with curly hair extensions, they will get your hair sticky and crunchy, will possibly even make them dirtier and heavier instead of helping in any way!

Last but not least rule is to never go too hard with the heat. As I was suggesting you already a couple points ago it is always better to let your hair extensions dry naturally, heat isn’t that easy to use properly, especially with straighteners, curlers and irons, since they can reach very high temperatures, if you need to blow dry your hair, even if it still not recommendable choose a diffuser, it will help with the styling of your curly hair extensions and it will avoid too direct heat in just one area of the hair extensions.

Follow these steps and be sure to rock your curly hair extensions as long as possible.