Double The Lifespan of You Hair Extensions with These Tricks -AMAZING BEAUTY HAIR

June 03, 2021

Double The Lifespan of You Hair Extensions with These Tricks -AMAZING BEAUTY HAIR

It doesn’t matter what type or length of hair extensions you are going to choose for yourself, either clip-ins, tape-ins, halo hair, if straight, curly or wavy, if 12 inches short or 22 INCHES long, if platinum blonde or jet black, whatever your choice will be, whatever style fits you the best you need to take care of your hair extensions. Giving love and care to your hair extensions and have a good maintenance routine will assure you to have the best quality remy human hair extensions for the longest time as possible.

Let’s start by stating what’s the average life of your hair extensions, how long they can live without any care and how long they can keep looking healthy and shiny with a little extra care and attention from you!

First of all everything depends on the quality you choose for your hair extensions. If you are choosing to buy a set from amazing beauty hair you are already picking only the best quality, so everything I will say will be applied on the remy human hair extensions. Even if you don’t use any tips for maintenance they will still be the most long lasting extensions you can decide to purchase with a natural life of over 6 months.

Of course if you are not planning to wear temporary hair extensions everyday but just some days of the week or even more rarely in some occasions of course the life of the extensions will be different, not being constantly in use. In this case it is very very important to store your extensions properly in bags or stands.


So the first thing you have to put extra care into is storing your extensions. It is a very simple step that will become part of your routine without even thinking about it. If your using clip-ins or any type of temporary hair extensions with clips, make sure, once removed, that all the clips are closed and that there are no hair of yours stuck in them. It is very convenient to store your hair extensions in a bag big enough to contain your full-length extensions without having to fold them. You can also hang them (covered in plastic) in your wardrobe so that you won’t have them around to get dusty or occupy space. Of course be sure that before putting your extensions in a plastic wrap they are 100% dry. Covering the extensions with plastic will also prevent damages from direct sun light and humidity, keeping the bag in a closed space like a wardrobe is just the perfect climate and condition for them. If you don’t have space in the wardrobe or you don’t want to have them here also a simple box can be fine, even a shoebox if you don’t have other boxes around. The important part in this case is never leaving the box in a humid place or next to a window where the sun rays can filter through.

As I already mentioned it is fundamental for the hair extensions to be 100% dry, otherwise they will get moldy and fizzy, they can build up germs and bacteria and they will get damaged overall, it is also very important to brush them before storing them, so that any product residual will be brushed away and they won’t get tangle in the box/bag. Unless we are speaking about curly or afro hair extensions, in that case it is never suggested to brush them often (or never actually)!

You can also use, when brushing your hair extensions before storing them a hair tie to make sure the wefts near the base of the hair are secured and in place, in this case you will help shaping them for next time, and if you like the wavy natural-looking hairstyle you can roll very gently your extensions in a circle, creating a very loose knot with the hair band and than store them in the box, when you’ll get them for the next use they’ll be ready to go.

If you have already iron curled or straightened them, or just styled them with a hot tool I would suggest the hanger method to keep the hairstyle unaltered.

Brushing your hair isn’t an operation that needs to be done only when putting the extensions away, it actually needs to be done all the time! The more you brush, the more you will be sure that no chemical substance or product build-up in general will remain on your hair extensions more than it should be. Well, it is of course better to never use nor chemicals nor sulfate on your hair extensions at all, but at times it might happen anyway, and even more gentle products need to be removed by brushing.

Be careful too use a proper brush, don’t use too harsh brushes that might pull or brake your hair extensions, use delicate nylon bristles, soft ones or bamboo brushes, especially designed for not breaking hair (nor natural nor extensions). Never brush extensions when wet, they are way more delicate and vulnerable than when they are dry. If you will brush your extensions regularly throughout the day, and not only when storing them you will never have to untangle knots or work hard on them, they will just never get tangly nor crispy. If you’ll make sure that your extensions never get tangly they will live up to two times their average lifespan.

An other useful trick to give a longer life to you’re extensions is to one more than just one sets, of course it is convenient to have one set always ready and styled waiting for you, but the main reason is that in this way you won’t have to use hot tools to style your hair extensions frequently, you can just own different sets for different occasions and hairstyles!


Next tip is: use hair products only if you absolutely need them. Hair extensions don’t react to product like natural hair, they don’t absorb them, this means that all the products residuals need to be brushed away, and especially when you use more than one product at times your hair extensions can be really damaged by them. If you really need to use products on your hair extensions make sure that they are alcohol and sulfate free. Both for shampoos, conditioners and any other product. Alcohol and sulfates remove all the oily components from the extension making them dry and damaged. Remember that even if you only use “toxic” products on your natural hair they might transfer into the extensions you are wearing, try to avoid them overall.

An other thing you can do for your extensions longevity is wash them as less as possible, also washing them, indeed, will gradually wash out the oils that’ll keep your extensions mosturized, of course they are not like natural hair, that produce oils on its own, that’s why you need to prevent them from loosing theirs, you can also help them a bit by adding a little oil once in a while. Be sure to don’t over do it, nobody wants greasy hair extensions though!  

When you really need to wash your extensions be sure to be gentle and don’t rub too strongly. Also remember to remove them every time before exercising or doing sports and before sleeping! The sweat can damage them, and of course you’ll need to wash them more if you use them for sports, and while sleeping and turning around it is very common to pull them without noticing and of course to tangle them a lot.

Follow this steps and be sure that your hair extensions will have the longest and healthiest life as possible!