Hairstyle Ideas and Hair Extensions Hacks for Graduation Season

May 19, 2021

Hairstyle Ideas and Hair Extensions Hacks for Graduation Season

It’s graduation season already! I’m sure you’re all wrapped up in the new sensation of freedom, packing up textbooks and day dreaming about living your best life this summer before starting the new chapter of your life. I guess that one thing you wished you though through but actually didn’t yet is what to do with your look for the graduation day, maybe you’re still wondering about what to do with your hair in this special day if you’re the one graduating, and if you’re not, well you still need some inspo to upgrade your hair game for the events in season anyway right? Guess you landed on the right article then cause today we are going to go through some amazing hairstyles to do with your hair extensions, we will explain in detail how to style them and how to look perfect, especially if you are wearing the black cap and it might seem like a obstacle to what you had in mind, get ready to revolutionize your idea of just straight hair or floaty natural waves on your graduation day, your hair look doesn’t have to be boring at all just cause you are wearing a cap for most of the day, quite the opposite actually, you can still make it work and actually use the cap as a vantage and go hard on the hairstyle. Sleek buns, ponytail, an unexpected change of look adding some highlights to your natural hair, a full on mind-blow going from short hair to 22 inches long just for the day, there’s actually plenty of options! If you’re in the class of 2021 everyone will remember you, either in person or behind a screen, that’s for sure!


So let’s start by saying something about temporary extensions. Indeed if this is your first experience and you’ve got curious about a look variation just for the special day or for some occasions or also to start off the new chapter with some fresh hair but you don’t want nor to damage your natural hair nor to revolutionize your figure completely and permanently and you are just looking for something to play around with your style temporary extensions are 100% the perfect match for you. We are talking about different options of temporary extensions that will guarantee comfort, quality and resistance over time, they are all made of remy human hair and the best quality, you just have to choose if you either prefer halo hair, clip-ins or tape-ins, the difference sits mostly in the way you apply them to your natural hair but still none of the options cause any damage to your scalp or your natural hair in general. halo hair are possibly the easiest to put in place cause the remy hair are attached to a nylon string that you just place in-between your natural hair like an hairband, clip-ins and tape-ins work through clips that you have to set in place, if you like to feel the firmness of your hair extensions maybe the last two options can give more the sensation of stability, being sure that the clips won’t move from where you secured them. Wrapping up don’t worry about your choice, whatever type of temporary extensions you’ll decide to try out will just be extremely comfortable and good quality, it is just about personal preference, anyway you can either start with a classic setand experiment for yourself for the best experience or read carefully through all the properties and try to understand which option would suit you best.


Now that you have a minimum idea about the fact that temporary extensions don’t require any effort to put on and won’t cause any type of damage we can go on looking at some of the hairstyles that can easily be mastered with them.


The first look that works perfectly with the black cap is the sleek bun. For this look I would suggest  halo hair, so that you won’t have any obstacle to achieve the sleekest look. All you have to do is to brush neatly all your hair (natural + extensions) towards the back, being careful not to have any baby hair slipping out and not to be too harsh pulling your hair, once brushed it all just secure your hair in a very low bun, make sure to style it really low so that it won’t interfere with the cap, it can also be really nice to accessory it by adding a bow or a little glitter to spice the look up just a extra bit.


Starting from the sleek bun the second look that would be great for the graduation day is the low  ponytail. Just like the previous look I would suggest  halo hair, do exactly the same and brush carefully all of your hair towards the back. For this look I would personally choose to wear the longest hair extensions I can find, a solid 22 inches long would be perfect, and if you’re looking for something bold try out some highlights as well, they will give that unexpected twist that will leave everyone speechless. The final look would be gorgeous, a long, silky and vibrant ponytail.

The third and last look that sees the hair brushed back is the wet hair look. In this case adding a couple sets of extensions guarantee the lux of the hairstyle. Indeed for this type of look you need long hair and a voluminous base, so that once adding the styling gel you will have healthy looking hair. This will be the wow hairstyle, when your cap is on it will most likely look like your went for super long and straight hair, but when you throw your cap to the sky here’s the real look revealed, success guaranteed. For this hairstyle each of all the three temporary extensions options are perfectly suitable, just go for the ones you think are more comfortable.

If you’re not the type who likes to have her hair tied up tightly or just doesn’t prefer the framed face look of this type of brushed back hairstyles here’s a different option, just as beautiful as the previous ones. The half up half down French braid and wavy locks. This hairstyle might require a little extra patience to achieve, but you can also modify it slightly to perfectly adapt it to your patience or your capabilities. For his look  halo hair extensions are just perfect. Wearing hair extensions for this look is a must to add volume and length, especially if your hair is short or medium long. Yu need to have extensions for the “half down” part, since you’ll braid all your natural hair on top. Part your hair as you prefer and start French braiding your hair down each side of your head, you can also choose to have just one sided French braid if you prefer.

If you choose to have two braids just cross them around your had and secure the look with bobby pins or a fancy headband/bow. Curl all the extensions hair left out for the wavy perfect look or, if it’s more your style, use a hair straightener for the super silky and ruled hair and have your polished look completed.

Starting from this looks you can also decide to mix and match them, for example adding a braid around your sleek bun or having your brushed back wet look ending with wavy highlights extensions, or either just going for the ponytail look but choosing the easiest way that is going for already made ponytail extensions, well, the options are almost infinite, just take some inspiration and don’t forget to enjoy your day, whatever hairstyle you’ll end up achieving!