Blending Short Hair With Extensions

March 01, 2019

Blending Short Hair With Extensions

Hair Extensions are great for refreshing your look. They can be used to add volume and in this case, hair length. Although a bit of a challenge, blending extensions with your natural hair is possible. I will describe how to achieve this with short hair.

 Prepare your hair

To prepare your hair, you must first wash it. Be sure to detangle your hair by combing from the ends to the roots. It is always best to use a wide tooth comb to prevent from so much hair loss. Follow with a leave-in conditioner and blow dry. You can use a flatiron to straighten.



After you get your hair to lay flat, you need to part the hair into sections and create horizontal braids across the scalp. Braiding is a crucial step to creating and securing a foundation for your hair extensions. Not only will braids keep your hair lying flat, it will also make protect your natural hair from being pulled during installation. You can secure the ends of your braids with rubber bands to keep them from coming apart. Follow these steps to create a braid:

  • Section your hair into three even parts.
  • Begin by holding the left strand with your left hand and the right strand with your right hand.
  • Next, place the hair in the right hand over the middle section so that the right section is now in the middle. Then move the hair from the left over to the new middle section. The left is now centered, and the middle is on the left.
  • Continue to alternate between left and right until you reach the ending of hair.


Before getting your hair extensions installed, be sure to select the proper color, texture, and length. We recommend buying hair that is thicker in volume and texture from yours so that it may blend better. It is also a good idea to try and keep the length just a few inches longer than your real hair so that it will appeal to be more natural. However, if you must go super long, we suggest you stack the hair extensions on top of each other to create more volume. This step also aids in blending your natural hair.



The trick to blending short hair is in the way you style your tresses. It is always a good idea to create curls or waves using a curling iron. The fold in curls, allows for your short hair to blend easier. You may also want to cut the extensions into a style that compliments the shape of your natural hair. For example, cutting the faux hair into layers would be a great way to have both lengths blend. Also, keep in mind that it takes more extensions to blend if the texture is straight. When using curls or wavy extensions, you may need less extensions, depending on how much volume you want.