Best Hairstyles for Your Face

March 01, 2019

Best Hairstyles for Your Face

Your hair can be perceived by some as a direct reflection of your personality. And we all know that when it comes to selecting a hairstyle, for many, this is serious business. Your hair could either make or break your confidence, therefore, it is crucial that you find the right look. Read on to determine how to select the perfect hairstyles for the shape of your face. To learn more about different face types, please see my article: What Shape is your Face?

Bob Styles

Shape I: OVAL

If your face is shaped like an oval, you will find that most, if not all hairstyles tend to work for this face shape. However, the following styles will define your features more:

  • A bob
  • Shoulder-length haircuts
  • Light waves

Bob Styles


An oblong face is considered an elongated version of the oval shape. The goal here is to bring the hair away from your face to create a more oval look. The way you achieve this is by adding lots of volume to your hair. These styles will give you the best look:

  • A teased bob (to learn to tease your hair, see Blending Thin Hair with Clip-ins)
  • Volumized shoulder-length haircuts
  • Thick waves

Straighten Hair


This shape needs a fresh look to enhance its features. The trick is to fix the hair into such designs that will make your face seem a bit longer. We recommend that you should try and select hairstyles that do not go past your chin. The following styles will flatter the circle shape:

  • Long straightened hair
  • Long hair with side bangs (may be curly or straight)
  • Long side ponytails

Long Wavy Hair


With this face type, you’ll have to distract the eye from the defined corners of your face. The goal is to soften your look by making your face look rounded. To do this, you’ll need to wear styles that cover your cheeks. The following hairstyles will flatter the square shape:

  • Shoulder-length layered hair
  • Long curly hair
  • A short side-bang above the eyebrows (can be any length)

Short Wavy Bob


This shape can be a bit challenging to match hairstyles to because of the disproportion in its length. To get the most out of the rectangle shape, aim for flattering looks. We suggest you wear a layered cut. If so, the following styles will compliment your face:

  • Long layered hair
  • Shoulder-length layered hair
  • A layered bob



With this shape, you’ll need to select hairstyles that distract the eye from your chin. The goal is to draw more attention to your eyes and cheekbones. The following styles will compliment this heart shape:

  • A lob
  • Shoulder length hair (any style)
  • Slick side ponytails

Hair Image


Those with diamond shapes need to draw attention away from their cheeks and foreheads. You should stay away from any styles that create a straight line on your face. The following will be key to achieving the best looks:

  • Pixie haircuts with side parts and/or bangs
  • Medium length styles with bangs
  • Side parting (can go with any length)