Blending Short Hair with Clip-ins Hair Extensions

March 05, 2019

Blending Short Hair with Clip-ins Hair Extensions

Installing clip-ins is a great way to quickly add length for those who have short hair. This article will briefly summarize how to do that

Clip in Before and After

Prepare Your Hair

As always, you must prepare your hair before applying any clip-ins. This helps to secure a nice grip. Also, be sure to detangle after washing, by combing from the ends to the roots. We suggest you use a wide tooth comb to prevent hair loss. Generally speaking, your hair should be blow-dried before adding the clip-ins.

Prepare Hair


Apply Your Clip-ins

It’s up to your discretion to determine how many packages of hair you should use, as everyone’s needs are different. However, in this article, we will only instruct on how to apply one pack of clip-in extensions. To start, you must section your hair into parts, using either bobby pins and hair clips to hold excess hair into place. It is best to start at the nape of your head and work your way up to the top. Most clip-ins come in pairs of two but have four different wefts: 1-clip wefts, 2-clip wefts, 3-clip wefts and 4-clip wefts. I am going to explain to you what the recommended positioning of each weft is below:

Apply Clip in Extensions


The Nape of Your Head

When installing Clip-ins, we start at the bottom section which is closest to the nape of your head. Because this part of your hair tends to be the most narrow, we recommend using a pair of 2-clip wefts. Attach the clip-ins directly onto the base of your hair before moving on to the next section.


The Center

After you finish with the bottom of your head, you need to repeat the steps of sectioning your hair into parts and clipping the wefts directly onto the base of your hair. For this section, you will need to use the 3-clip wefts. These should line up around or close to the area that is directly behind your ears. You can choose to either overlap the wefts or add one to each side.


The Top of Your Head

You will use the 4-clip weft to fill in this part of your hair. This area will be positioned a few inches above the top portion of your ears. It is best to keep some of your hair out at the top so that it blends better. This will give you a more natural look. How much hair you leave out will depend on your preference.

Apply Clip in Extensions

The Sides in Front of Face

Lastly, you can go ahead and apply the 1-clip wefts onto the sides of your hair. Cut and style as you like.
Apply Clip in Extensions

Quick Tip 

If your hair is two colors,

take two bundles of clip-ins and layer them on top of each other 

Make sure the clip-ins that resemble your roots, are placed 1st