7 Ways To Remove Split Ends

May 10, 2019

7 Ways To Remove Split Ends

Split ends are a recurring menace, they just have no idea when to quit. They are such demons that they pop up after you've gotten rids of other ends and are basking in the euphoria. They are nothing but killjoys and spoilsports.

     Fortunately, we know just the right ways to not only get rid of them but also how to prevent them from happening and treating them when they do.

Split Ends

     Split ends also known as trichoptilosis, is the breaking away of the hair shafts at the tip of your hair. It isn't painful, but it's a pain to look at as your hair gets frayed out, and your hair strands break at different angles to make your hair look like a feather.

     They make your hair look dry, damaged and frizzy. It also stops your hair from growing. So how do we get rid of split ends? Do we just carefully search for each split ends strand by strand and cut them or chop them off as the only solution? Not necessarily, there are more natural ways to get rid of them, prevent and repair them to keep them healthy and long.

     Split ends are indicators that your hair is damaged and needs repair, it could be from the wear and tear or the harmful chemicals in the shampoo or the various hair products that you use. Lack of proper hair care, improper brushing, and harsh chemical treatment are also factors that bring about split ends. Not getting enough balanced diet to nourish the hair and moisturize it, also plays a role. This could be because there is a breakdown in circulation and supply of natural oils produced from the hair follicles to the whole hair strand.

     Nature has a way to help you get rid of split ends and we're are bringing it right to you.

  1. Cutting and Trimming: It's going to be hard to do so, but that is the only way. Although, you might be trying to grow out your hair, trimming it will actually help you more than leaving it. Split ends prevent your hair from growing, so cutting it off will do you more good than harm. Your hair will grow back, don't worry. Take care of your hair by moisturizing it and applying hair masks regularly.

    Cutting and Trimming
  2. Candle Cutting: It is essentially used to remove split ends. It helps keep your hair long and helps get rid of split ends by burning the split ends with a candle flame.

    Candle Cutting
  3. Aloe Vera gel: Aloe vera is quite good for your hair as it improves the health of the hair, to add volume to it, and protect it from sun or heat because it is enriched in niacin, folic acid, and phytonutrients. Mix the gel with lime juice and apply this mixture to your hair from the roots to the hair tips, applying this mixture two to three times a week will eliminate all split ends.

    Aloe Vera gel
  4. Honey Hair Mask: Hair masks will help you to not only get rid of the split ends but also prevent it. The honey hair mask is made with organic honey and coconut milk. The honey helps to retain and regulate the moisture of the hair, while the coconut milk is activated with vitamin E to help prevent the recurrence of split end and rejuvenate the hair, the fatty acids will smoothen the rough edges and condition it, and the minerals, calcium, iron, and vitamins help stimulate the hair growth. The honey hair mask helps to prevent split ends by strengthening the hair follicles, providing hydration and nutrition to the hair. It should be applied twice a week.

    Honey Hair Mask
  5. Papaya Hair Mask: Papaya hair mask is another natural remedy to nourish the hair and moisturize it. Papaya oil helps prevent dry scalps and itchy scalps by promoting hair growth, improve hair health and reduce the risk of hair split ends.

    Papaya Hair Mask
  6. Moroccan Oil: Applying Moroccan oil to your hair helps make it soft and shiny, it also reduces the hair damage especially the split ends. Moroccan Oil is enriched with vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to strengthen and condition the hair. Apply this oil every time you shampoo the hair.

    Moroccan Oil
  7. Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil is a natural healer and moisturizer of hair. It contains fatty acids to enable it to seep into the hair follicles. It helps moisturize and nourish the hair to prevent and repair split ends. Applying this every two to three days for the best results in the prevention and treatment of split ends.

     In conclusion, after observing these tips, remember to brush your hair carefully with quality brushes, to keep it from breaking. Take care of them before it's quite late, and don't let them ruin your good, amazing look.