Beautiful Curly Hairstyles

May 14, 2019

Beautiful Curly Hairstyles

2019 is here and so are the curls. Short hair, medium hair or long hair, it doesn't matter at all as there is always a cure for it. Whether you have a natural curl or you're thinking of turning your straight locks into beautiful and lovely curls, there's always an abundant pool of style to choose from.

     Curly hairstyles are one of the loveliest styles in the world, never one to be far away from flat irons, curling wands and heat rollers, they leave you looking steamy and hot.

     We've got a wide array of beautiful curly hairstyles to look at and choose from and we're sure you're going to have a lovely time trying each of the styles one after the other.

Classic Curls

     What better way to start the year than with the classic curls? Classic curls make a bold statement wherever it makes an appearance, be it the red carpet, runway or even at the workplace. To get the classic curls, start off with blow-drying your hair and then part it down the center. Next, use a curling wand or iron to flip the direction of the curl alternating the directions from the root to the tip. Finish it off, by misting the curls with hairspray to give it a shine. You never know, a classic could be the new trend!

Beach Wave Curls

     It doesn't matter if you're going to the beach or not to rock this look. Apply some texture spray and mousse to your damp hair and wait till it dries. When dried, preferably air-dried, run through the hair with your curling wand to give it waves like the beach. It's not only easy, but it's also as beautiful as the beach.

Shoulder Curls

     This style is for those with shoulder length curly hair. For this style, part your hair to the side and use a curling rod on it. Tuck in one section of your curls behind your hair and secure it firmly with a holding hairspray, to keep it from flying away.

Soft Finger Waves

     The soft finger waves hairstyle is one of the curly hairstyles that is defined by their finishing touches and tiny details. First off, you give your hair a deep side part and blow-dry it till it's smooth and dry. After that, use your medium size curling rod to work around the head on small sections. Then finally, you brush out the curls gently and apply little hair cream to it, this helps soften and add moisture to the curls. Get yourself some soft finger waves.

Strong Finger Waves

     The elder sister to the soft finger waves, this curly hairstyle is very similar to the soft finger waves in terms of techniques, but instead of brushing out the curls when you're almost done, you mist the hair with hairspray so that the curls stand firm over time. So if you're going for a wave that won't wilt on time, try out the strong finger waves.

Scrunched Curls

     The scrunched curls hairstyle is achieved by first running a curl defining cream through your hair before blow-drying it with a diffuser. Cup the hair gently and scrunch it upwards as it dries. Once it's dry, make use of a curling rod or flat iron to twist or curl the scrunched curls that are not well defined as the others.

Mousse Waves

     Mousse waves are gotten by applying mousse gel into wet hair to give it some definition, then blow-dry it till it's almost dry. After this, part your hair into five thick sections, and use a large brush (boar bristle) to smoothen it out from the nape of the neck till it's completely dry. Immediately it's completely dry use a 2-inch curling iron on the sections to create soft waves. Finish it off with a curly-hair finishing spray.

Loose Waves

     Loose waves are one of the easiest curls to make. All you need is a curling iron, hairspray, and a diffuser. Start first with spraying your wet hair with the hairspray and wait for it to dry completely. The diffuser is for those with natural curls so that it dries faster. Once the hair is completely dry, create waves by taking out sections of the hair and wrapping them around the 1.5-inch curling iron, avoid clamping it to create softer waves.

Loose Spiral Curls

     Start off with taking 1 - 2 inches sections of your hair with a round boar bristle brush and then blow-dry from the roots to the tip of the hair. Give your hair a middle part and spray your hair lightly with aerosol hair spray. Curl the hair sections at the back moving inwards like you're putting it into a roller. Alternate the curls left and right. Curl the hair sections at the front moving outwards away from the face. Leave the roots and the ends out of the curling rods, and finally, use your fingers to loosen the spiral pieces to give it a loose spiral look.

     Whatever curly hairstyles you're looking and going fir, on this list, we assure you that they are the ones you need to rock this year.