7 Healthy Habits You Need To Adopt This Summer

May 27, 2022

7 Healthy Habits You Need To Adopt This Summer

Women take great pride in their hair. It is as much of a statement about their personality as their fashion choices. But like everything else in life, it requires maintenance and love. But this time and effort is not always something we have time to spare. This summer, we encourage you to #showthelove to your hair. Whether it is heating, crimp, blowing, or straightening. Our delicate strands take a beating. Here are some helpful tips to help you make sure your hair is always #blessed.


Hair loss

Hair loss is always a significant concern when it comes to the health of our hair. Most people believe that repairing hair loss can be a quick fix. But it takes time to nurture the hair follicles into producing hair again. Rumors like hair loss is a result of hats, shampooing, or sunshine cause hair loss are so not true. Also heads up, Biotin has no link to hair growth. So those Biotin gummies are not doing it for your hair.

One thing has been proven. Biotin does help people with a deficiency, but not when it comes to making your hair grow on its own. Things that do lead to hair loss are things like wearing your hair in too tight of a bun. This puts strain on the hair follicles and forces them to shut down and stop producing hair. If they are abused too much. The hair follicles will grow back, but it could take months for them to recover from the abuse. So let’s all agree that skipping a tight ballerina bun is for the best. 

Shampoo or Not

When it comes to shampoo day or not. There’s advice all over the place telling you both yes and no. To clear the air, it is up to you and your activity level. Yes, over-washing strips natural oils from your hair. But under washing can cause oils to accumulate on your scalp. This leaves the odor and that funky feeling that makes you feel gross.  But we have found a few helpful tips that can make it easier to decide which is best for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

So, this magical cure-all has been all over the internet. Everything from how to cure skincare to detoxing. It is a home remedy for everything. But did you know, that apple cider vinegar is made when juicy apples are chopped up and juiced and then left to sit for a while?

The bacteria then form and ferments them into the amazing product that solves all. But what happens when you apply it to your hair during the shower? This treatment offers a wide variety of benefits when used a couple of times a week. ACV does wonders in not only promoting hair growth on the scalp. But also is safe for color-treated hair. This is because the hair shaft acts a lot like petals on a flower, and things like hot water open up those petals. This is also why colors like red are so hard to keep, that is because the petals allow the color to escape.  If you are trying to color your hair and the color won't take. It could be because these petals are closed tight. It does not allow the color to penetrate. But ACV on color-treated hair actually forces the cuticles or (petals) to close. Thus, preserving the color and ensuring your wonderful hard-earned color won’t fade. 

Rice Water 

Do you ever think about the water you drain when cooking a yummy pot of rice? It is water, right? What if you knew it offered a variety of benefits, especially if you have dry or color-treated hair? That magical mixture is full of vitamins like amino acids. B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, and other antioxidants. Research also shows that women during the Heian period in Japan had long hair.  That wonderful floor-length hair is because they soaked their hair in rice water. No wonder! Even some women claim that their hair does not gray until they reach their 80s! But now this long-kept secret is out and women everywhere are enjoying the benefits. Something that rice water can offer is: stronger hair, increased shine, helps promote growth, and is an amazing detangler. A way to get you a nifty batch of this miracle water is simple. There are two ways, one is to allow it to soak for 24 hours. Another method is to cover a half cup of rice with double the water and boil the rice. Then strain the rice water into a clean bowl. The only thing to keep in mind is this is a strong solution. So it is ideal to only use this treatment once a week to prevent protein overload on your hair.


Sulfates are usually used in mass-marketed shampoos. They are what make the shampoo foamy when introduced. The primary goal is to reduce the friction between your skin and the shampoo. Sulfates in a small amount are usually not harmful. But high amounts rob your hair of natural oils and hair proteins. As well as causing damage to the cells, and damage to your hair. 

Sulfates are also culprits in stripping away color from color-treated hair. Meaning that the color will fade much faster. They can also cause skin irritation. As well as allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. So when shopping around, make sure to pay attention to ingredients.


When it comes to hair care. Hair masks and leave-in conditioners have always seemed like an unnecessary step. One of those pampering self-care day trends that are all over Pinterest. But something very little of us can spare the time to do. But if you are looking to take the health of your hair. It is something you might want to reconsider. When it comes to our hair, we put it through the wringer. With heating tools, bleach, complicated styles, and DIY’s we find online. Especially this summer. The blistering heat strips much-needed moisture away from your hair. Sweat only adds to the problem. The best thing that combats frizzy hair and chaos is replenishing moisture. The ideal treatment is with once-a-week hair masks and leave-in conditioners. To ensure that your hair has the very best opportunity to withstand the heat. 


Hyaluronic Acid

You are familiar with this little wonder as a way to apply hydration to the face. But did you know it can be applied to the hair as well? The most common form on hair is known as sodium hyaluronate. It is the more upscale version of the typical hyaluronic acid we know. Hyaluronic is an acid produced by the body. It helps retain moisture and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. One benefit of using hyaluronic acid is it helps hydrate the hair and scalp, reducing the frizz. It can be applied daily or on your wash days. It is beneficial to all hair types and textures. The best part is that hyaluronic acid plays well with almost all ingredients. So it is the perfect sidekick to any hair care routine.


Our hair is our statement piece.  It is hard to keep up with changing trends. The process of over-dying our hair can do a number on our manes' health. If you are going to try to stay current with trends, lean more towards ones like ombre and Balayage. These low maintenance styles ensure colors sit lower on the hair shaft. It takes even less maintenance than the recommended 6 weeks in between colors. One thing to keep in mind is, despite contrary beliefs. It is recommended to get a regular haircut to trim any dead ends off. These trips are usually recommended every 3 to 4 months. If your hair is color-treated, usually it is ideal to aim for eight weeks. Whatever you do,  try to stay away from the hydrogen peroxide trend in the sun trend. You will thank us later. If you are craving some cute new highlights. Feel free to check out our selection of extensions that will add a charming pop to any style.