8 Curly Hairstyles For Summer 2022

May 09, 2022

8 Curly Hairstyles For Summer 2022

From big bouncing ‘fros to Shirley temple ringlets. Curls have always been an eye-catching look with their thick volume styles. The sight would make anyone swoon. It offers the perfect amountof volume, length, and definition to make your co-workers jealous. The only downside is it takes a lot of time and patience to master.

It is not always easy to style it into the look you want without a few popped elastic bands . Plus, all that frizz that it brings will be enough to drive anyone crazy. Also, a lot of tears. Even with the humidity.

But this season, we have tracked down the best looks to beat the heat this summer. So you can rock the best hot girl summer with your besties. We have collected a series of sweet, trendy hairstyles that work wonders with any of our Amazing Beauty Hairstyle hair extensions! So you can rest easy knowing that you are rocking your best.

Sky-high ponytail

With the rise of the 90's trends coming back around, it is no wonder that this is top on our list. Celebrities like Rhianna sported this fabulous look in ‘We Found Love’ are making this a must for this summer. These curls are the star of the show in this high-end ponytail. Showcasing its elegance with a fountain of curls. This charming style frames any face shape in a flattering, retro manner.

This go-to is perfect for a fun casual chic look or bringing the heat when paired with a sultry cat-eye. The best part is it does not take a lot of prep time. All you need is a few bobby pins, and your choice an elastic band.

This charming multi-look style pairs well with any of our amazing products, such as our kinky curl ombre black to light auburn clip-ins. It makes sure to push your look to a whole new level. These clip-ins make it possible for a low-commitment look.



With the rise of heat, it is a good idea to put up your hair. But it is not always easy for those with thicker hair to tame it into a cute, easy-to-manage bun. Without it looking like you got into a fight with the vacuum. The secret with a top knot is to include a donut bun padding. It adds effortless ease to the top knot as all you need is to place and secure the hair around the bun. This fan-favorite is perfect withextensions like our kinky straight ombre black to light auburn clip-ins.

Some people wonder if extensions are for them. When you have kinky/curly hair. Clip-ins are perfect because they offer a fantastic way for the clips to grab onto the hair without causing damage to your natural hair.

Not to mention, the transition of light to dark will add that sun-kissed natural highlight that will have people asking where you got your hair done. Donut paddings are little wonders that give your bun the uniformed look of a well-managed bun. Just make sure to add a few bobby pins in to secure it to the bun, so it doesn’t go anywhere. That being said, top Knots are a cute, playful way to bring a bit of fun and charm to a busy day. The best way to style this look is to make sure not to try to have your hair sit too tightly against the donut.

Side Bun

For those days you don’t feel like going full out. We have a simple solution for you, this charming side bun is perfect for days when those slept in curls can just relax. While getting the most out of all that work.

This look offers a way to romanticize your daily routine. The side bun adds a touch of elegance as it offers needed length and is great for managing your mane while showing off those beautiful tones.

While also working to frame any face shape or hair type. If you are looking to add a fun touch to this look. If you are looking to unlock your inner bo-ho and have a few minutes to spare. Try taking a section of hair and braiding it, then wrapping it into the bun. Our products like the kinky straight collection will give you a bit of ease while adding beautiful volume to your look.

Double Buns

Curly hair has advantages over certain looks, especially when you want an effortlessly messy look that just works. But when summer hits, the last thing you want to do is spend all day trying to coax your hair into a look that will poof out a few minutes later.

With something as adorbs as the double bun, you can rock out and not worry about having to fight your hair. This look gives curly, voluminous hair its time to shine as the poofier the better. The key when doing any bun is to make sure to keep the ponytail light so as not to stress out your hair follicles.

But once you pin it up, you will be able to turn heads with your delightful style that screamssummer vay-cay! It offers a whimsical charm to a casual look, especially when paired with

something like overalls. This look works with looking to bring more attention to their face shape. If you are needing an extra OOMF to your little space buns, our ombre Jerry curl collection will make anyone looking your way see stars.

Modern Mohawk

This look works for those with narrow face shapes. Adding more length and drawing the attention in a more central location. If this is the case for you, something like faux bangs would work better. But this is a more feminine play on the aggressive, edgy tones of the Mohawk. Here you can play with colors and styles.

The versatility of a modern Mohawk allows you to adapt the look no matter the age. This modern Mohawk allows you to play with volume and rock the confidence (and just like our series of Kinky clip-ins) it requires no commitment. All it takes is a little patience setting gel and of course, the trusted bobby pins.


Faux Bangs

Just like our never-ending cycle of do I want short hair or long, the same can be said for those days we are curious if we really want bangs or not.

They look cute on everyone, but the commitment is just sometimes a bit too much for us to take. But now you can have the freedom to experiment with bangs and not have to touch the scissors. (at least leave it to a pro.) With this look, you take a part of your hair and pull it back, pinning it in place, then pull the hair towards you again towards your face.

If you don’t have enough for full bangs, you can always add more pieces. The best part is it is convenient and non-permanent!! Of course for curly hair this works just as well, ensuring a playful little curly fringe to compliment any look.

If you are ever needing a little more length to pull this style off, you can go to our collection of kinky curl hair bundles to add a little more flare to a night out.

Side Part

Rocking curly hairmeans having the confidence to be yourself, and staying true to yourself.While up-dos do great on getting the mane out of the way. Sometimes it is always a little better to let the hair down. The side part is a great addition to have, and the sleekness of one side offers an asymmetrical look to this hairstyle.

The goal is to have a thick, voluminous side, letting the curls free to do their thing. Wonderful products like our clip-ins help offer texture and color to your style and offer an ability to change around the thickness to see what works best for your hair shape. The perk of this look is that the volume side frames longer face shapes, giving the illusion of the perfect oval.


Low Bun

Low buns are perfect for those who want a bit more conservative look. With all the grace and elegance that comes with this style. It is perfect for those who want a quick way to get their hair out of their face.

Paired with the perfect amount of tendrils pulled free from the bun, it can add a very Bridgerton aesthetic to a night out. With the low bun comes a wide range of diversity, allowing the sides to be slicked back, or for the kinky curls to add a charming halo effect.

Amazing Beauty hair extensions like the afro kinky curl collection, still working wonders to add the perfect amount of volume to look even as low effort as the low bun.

Final thought

These looks have been geared towards hairstyles of all types, but primarily focus on celebrating the natural beauty of the kinky curls that often are not as often celebrated as other hairstyles. With the wide variety of hairstyles offered at Amazing Beauty hair extensions, you can find the extensions that work best for your hair to bring out your best self this summer.