A Guide to Fusion Hair Extensions and How to Care For Them

February 23, 2023

A Guide to Fusion Hair Extensions and How to Care For Them

Fusion hair extensions are a popular and fun way to switch up hairstyles and get a new look. They help you achieve thicker, longer hair that lasts for two to six months. If you want to get fusion extensions and are curious about how to use and care for them, this quick guide will tell you all you need to know.

Let’s dive in.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are also known as pre-bonded extensions or keratin bonds. These extensions come in the form of individual hair stands instead of wefts and are directly glued to your hair strands with keratin.

Their bonds are, in fact, premade with keratin, which helps them adhere to your hair more easily. This in turn creates less hair damage than traditional extensions.

You can get fusion extensions in the form of hot fusion and cold fusion. Cold fusion is relatively newer and gentler than hot fusion and reduces damage even more.

Note that fusion extensions are slightly expensive but they are often worth it as they have a more natural look than most extensions while being long-lasting. They are also easy to care for and maintain, making them great for people with busy lifestyles.

Can You Do Your Own Fusion Hair Extensions?

You can glue on fusion extensions yourself. But a professional hairstylist will be better equipped to check your hair and decide the type and amount of extensions you need for the best results. They will also place the bonds correctly and in the right pattern to help you look your best.

Getting a professional to do the job will also prevent burns and the uneven placement of extensions.


Application Process

Here’s how professional stylists install fusion extensions:

  • The stylist will take a small section of hair that is the same size as the extension and layer the section underneath the bond.
  • They will then melt and soften the bonds using the plates of a melting connector.
  • The stylist will mold and style the melted bond strand by strand and row by row around the person’s hair using their fingers. They typically begin the process from the base of the head and work their way up to the back and sides of the head.
  • Once cooled, the keratin rehardens and creates a natural-looking, durable, sealed bond that lies completely flat and smooth against the head while hidden by the upper hair strands.
  • In the case of cold fusion extensions, the stylist will attach the extensions with a clamped-down bead to keep them in place.

How to Care For Fusion Hair Extensions

Once you get fusion extensions, it’s important to keep them looking fresh, clean, and stylish to get maximum value for your money. These simple tips will help you out:

Use Sulfate-Free Haircare Products

Use a high-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent your extensions from becoming dry or dull. Sulfates can break the bonds faster than usual and strip away the color and natural oils from the extensions and your natural hair. Also, use only lightweight styling products to prevent build-up on the extensions.

Use the Right Washing Techniques

Wash your hair regularly to maintain your hair extensions. While washing, work the shampoo into your hair and extensions slowly and gently from the top down. Don’t scrub your hair and scalp excessively because it can lead to hair breaking or matting.

Also, slather the conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair while slowly removing any tangles.

Brush Gently

Use a soft bristle brush, looper brush, or nylon extension brush to gently detangle your hair without damaging the extensions. Start from the tips of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Also, hold the section you’re brushing in one hand and detangle it with the other to avoid putting stress on your hair and extensions.

Avoid pulling on your hair while brushing as it can cause breakage and even pull out an extension.

Use Hot Tools With Care

You can use hot tools as long as you don’t use much heat at the roots where the bonds are. This is because the bonds were glued on with heat so excess heat can make them become sticky or cause them to slip.

Be Mindful of Your Extensions While Sleeping

Sleep with a low braid or ponytail to prevent your extensions from tangling while sleeping. Also, don’t go to bed with wet extensions as it can cause matting in your extensions and natural hair.

Opt for Regular Trims

Like natural hair, high-quality fusion extensions also need regular maintenance. Go for trims every five to six weeks to keep them looking fresh and healthy.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your gorgeous new fusion extensions may seem tough but our simple tips will help you do so easily and effortlessly. Caring for your extensions early on will keep them looking amazing so you can look and feel confident and beautiful.

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