How Extensions Can Make A Wedding Up Do With Some Extra Hair

October 08, 2018

How Extensions Can Make A Wedding Up Do With Some Extra Hair

So your big day is approaching. You have already gotten your dress altered to fit you perfectly. You booked your DJ and have all the right tunes for your guest to dance to. Your decorations, flowers and all of your beautiful details fit your style perfectly. And of course, you have the person of your dreams!


The only thing missing from your perfect day is the perfect hair! Amazing Beauty Extensions can help with that! Our extensions can take your hair from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re going for a sleek ponytail, a romantic updo, loose curls, or a big full braid; we have got you covered. Amazing Beauty Extensions can give you added volume, length, fullness and confidence in less than an hour.

Our extensions can be put in by a professional or you can put them in yourself (check here). There is a tutorial written below but if you’re more of a visual, we have plenty of DIY videos on our YouTube channel to check out!

Follow along to see how to prepare your hair for your extensions, how to use heat on them and blow them out. See how you can use extensions for fullness and length and how to take care of your extensions on your honeymoon. You’ll learn how to get the most out of your Amazing Beauty 100% Remy Hair Extensions not only for your wedding day but for the remainder of the time you use our products.


Preparing Your Natural Hair For Extensions



Whether you are going to be using clip in or tape in extensions your hair needs to be treated a certain way prior to putting them in. Your hair will need to be clean and dry when you put them in. Wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying sulfate-free shampoo. My favorite is the Malibu Un-Do-Goo. Rinse well and don’t use conditioner. Brush your hair out and begin to blow dry your hair. Don’t put in any products to avoid the tape or clips slipping. use your hairdryer to rough dry your hair so it is about 75% dry. Once your hair is mostly dry split your hair into three sections and begin at the nape. With a vented brush begin at the nape and make sure to thoroughly dry from roots to ends. Once your hair is completely dry it is ready for your extensions!


Extensions For Fullness


Hair Before and After

Is your hair on the thinner side? Does it feel fine and limp? Adding a few tape in extensions or a few wefts of clip in extensions can bring your hair to life. If you’re planning on wearing your hair down, our 100% Remy hair extensions can be curled or straightened just like your own hair can be.

If you’re looking to wear your hair in a big full ponytail, a sleek bun, or romantic updo and your hair won’t allow you to get what you want, then this is where extensions would be perfect! If you’re putting the extensions in yourself here are a few tips

With clip in extensions I like to section my hair into three sections and begin at the base of my neck leaving about a 1/2 inch to an inch right at the base of my neck. This helps so when you’re pulling your hair up you can’t see the weft underneath. I have fine soft hair so I like to tease right where I’m going to place the extension, just to make sure it’s secure.

When placing them in, I try and keep them a half inch away from my hair line to make sure nothing is peeking out. Do this throughout your head until you have the desired amount of hair.

If you’re pulling your hair up, I try to put the extensions around my face going away from my face as your hair naturally would when pulling it up in to a pony tail. This helps make it appear more natural and Kees away and lumps and bumps from your clip itself.


Wear Hair Extensions

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If you’re putting in tape in extensions it’s very similar. Start with the same three sections and begin at the base of your neck, still leaving that half-inch buffer from the base of your hairline to hide the tapes when pulling your hair up. Again I also like to be sure I’m keeping the extensions a quarter inch to a half inch away from the hairline all around.

With tape in extensions there is no need to tease. Simply take a very thin slice of hair. This slice should be transparent. Place one piece of extension underneath the slice with the tape facing up. Try and avoid your finger touching the actual tape so no oil from your skin adheres to the tape. Once you’ve done that, place the other piece directly on top of the extensions, sandwiching your hair in between. Firmly slide your fingers across the extensions to warm them up a bit and make sure they’re sure nice and secure.

With tape in extensions, to keep them looking more natural, place them in a brick lay pattern. This prevents any gaps throughout the hair.


Apply Tape in Extensions

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Extensions For Length


Hair Before and After


Let’s face it ladies: do we EVER feel like our hair is long enough? Nope! We can never get enough and always want it longer, especially on our wedding day! With our tape in extensions and clip in wefts you can add 14-22 inches of hair.

Whether you hair is cut into a bob or just not quite as long as you’d like, extensions can give you that added length. If your hair is thick and cut short we do recommend you getting 3-4 packs of hair. For finer hair that is short, you should get 3 packs of hair. This will give you plenty of hair to put in to blend throughout your head. For thick medium length hair 3 packs is recommended and if your hair is thinner 2 packs will give you that added length beautifully. To make long hair even longer 1-2 packs will give you plenty of length.


How To Properly Use Heat On Your Extensions


Blow Dry Hair


Your new 100% Remy hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair. You can curl, straighten and blow dry your extensions just like you normally would.

To curl or straighten begin by setting your iron to a lower setting such as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While your tool is heating up make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry. Any moisture in your hair or the extensions can cause the hair to singe and break.

Once your hair is completely dry spray a good heat protectant throughout your hair focusing on the mid-lengths and ends and not as much on the roots. Applying too much protectant on your roots can leave your hair looking greasy.

Now that your heat protectant is in, section your hair. Start by placing your hair where you part it normally. Section from your crown to your ear on both sides leaving you with three sections. Two on the sides and one in the back. Take a small section at the nape of your neck and clip the top part up.

If your straightening your hair then begin here and take small sections throughout your hair making sure to hit every section. Finish with a light to strong hold hair spray depending on your needs for the day.

If you are curling your hair take the small sections and lightly spray a soft hold hairspray before using the curling iron. Take small sections while using the tool. Continue this pattern throughout the head and finish with a strong hold hairspray to keep the curls in all day long.

To blow dry your tape in extensions wash your hair thoroughly with a sulfate-free shampoo and apply conditioner to the very ends. Applying conditioner to your roots can cause the tape to loosen and the extensions to fall out. Towel dry your hair and put your favorite products throughout your hair. If you’re getting married in the summer an anti-humidity cream would be great. If your hair is thick or holds a lot of moisture a blow-dry primer would work well. Blow-dry primers help to cut down on blow-dry time.

Now that your favorite products are in use your hairdryer to rough dry your hair so it is about 75% dry. Once your hair is mostly dry use the same sectioning that was mentioned above. Split your hair into three sections and begin at the nape. Use a round brush and work your way from the roots to ends making sure the roots are completely dry before moving to the mid-lengths and ends. Works your way through the head until everything is completely dry. Finish with your favorite hair spray.

Tricks of the trade- use a concentrator on the end of your hairdryer for a super smooth blow-dry.


Honeymoon And Maintenance



Men and Women


Now that you and your sweetheart have said “I do” it’s time for your honeymoon. If you wear your clip in extensions for your wedding day then you can remove them and put them back in as you normally would. If you have tape in extensions put in then you will need to take a few precautions. When washing them, wash as noted above. If you will be in a pool or ocean then pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun. The chlorine will dry your extensions out. If you’re getting a couples massage try and avoid any lotion in your hair for the same reason of the conditioner. It can cause the tape to slip.

If you would like to leave the clips in then follow the same precautions listed for tape in extensions but just remove the wefts when washing.

Your tape in extensions can stay in for anywhere between 6-8 weeks. They then can be removed, the new tape can be applied and they can be put back in to clean dry hair. The hair itself stays strong for 6 months. We recommend getting a new set of hair every 6 months.