5 Hair Extension Hairstyles for Weddings

March 18, 2022

5 Hair Extension Hairstyles for Weddings

Everyone makes it a point to look extra special at weddings whether they’re the bride, part of the wedding party, or a guest. Hair extensions are a great accessory in helping you achieve that look you’ve been eyeing. They provide our crowning glory with more length and volume no matter the hairstyle.

If you’ve been deliberating on your hairstyle for an upcoming wedding, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we share five timeless and flattering dos for the big day that are better with hair extensions.

 Let’s take a look!

#1. Classic Low Bun

The classic low bun is simple, versatile, and perfect for almost any occasion. Hair is gathered into a bun that sits at the nape, giving it a more relaxed look than a tight bun that’s placed higher on the head. If you’re the bride, the classic bun is also the perfect style for attaching your veil.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this easy and understated style. There’s a reason why so many women choose the classic low bun hairstyle which can be enhanced and styled in a number of ways. You can incorporate braids, textured hair, add ornamental combs, and even add a few coiled tendrils to frame your face.

For more volume and a fuller-looking bun, take a look at these Halo hair extensions.

#2. Whimsical Curls

Curly hair brings out the whimsical and romantic in most of us and it isn’t hard to see why. Whether you have natural curls or need a styling tool to sport the look, curly hair is here to stay. To help you nail this look, get yourself some curly hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions that you can style yourself.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to curly hair. You can let your hair down, allowing your locks to flow and accessorize with a pretty hairpin. If you prefer updos, gather your gorgeous curls in a messy and natural-looking bun that you can secure with a hair tie and some clips. You can also do a half-updo with gorgeous waves at the bottom.

Don’t even get us started on the types of curls that are available to you. From loose wavy hair to tight spiral curls, there are just so many looks and options you can explore.


#3. Pretty Plaits

The world of plaits is a pretty big one since there are countless ways to pull them off. Wear your braid down your back, weave one along your crown, or use them to add depth to your bun.

Pull them tightly across your head for a more elegant look or wear them loosely for a more carefree and relaxed appearance. Hairstyles with loose braids work wonderfully well with more casual outdoor weddings while tighter and more structured braids are more suited for more formal indoor affairs.

Whether you choose a classic French braid, an intricate-looking fishtail plait, or decide to go with more creative braids, there’s certainly no shortage of possibilities.

Ombre tape-in extensions and balayage tape in hair extensions go perfectly with this look since they add texture and dimension to your carefully plaited hair.


#4. Prim and Proper Ponytails

Ponytails aren’t just for the gym and hot days. They can also look sleek and sophisticated when styled right. While many women shy away from this style because it can be hard to give thin hair lift and volume, ponytail hair extensions breathe new life into this classic and often overlooked style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment on how to part your hair for a ponytail. You can part your hair at the center, to the side, or comb it back for different looks. To give your ponytail a special touch, wrap a small section of your hair around the base of your ponytail to conceal your hair tie. Amazing Beauty makes this easier since their hair extensions have a lock of hair that’s specially designed for it.

#5. Can’t Be Tamed

The “woke up like this” trend made natural loose flowing hair even more popular. Despite the name, locks are carefully styled to have an untamed yet attractively disheveled look. The end result is natural-looking hair with volume and movement.

If you’re looking to have this look for an upcoming wedding, consider adding in some clip-in hair extensions from Amazing Beauty. These hair extensions have just the right amount of wave in them to add texture and make your tresses appear fuller.


Having the right hair extensions in your beauty arsenal means that you no longer have to wistfully sigh after those gorgeous wedding hairstyles you see online. If your hair is too short, too thin, or too limp, hair extensions from Amazing Beauty can unlock a vast world of different styles. You can attend any wedding knowing that you look your best while having fun with your new look.