The Benefits of Using Micro Link Hair Extensions

April 06, 2023

The Benefits of Using Micro Link Hair Extensions

For many, their hair is their crowning glory. And while taking care of your luxurious mane through a healthy lifestyle and the right products certainly helps, there’s also one more way to give your hair some added oomph — hair extensions!

Hair extensions allow you to play around with your hairstyle without committing to cutting it or subjecting it to chemical treatment, transforming you into a gorgeous diva! And micro-links are the latest trend in the fabulous world of hair extensions.

Learn all about how micro-link hair extensions work and their many benefits right here!


What are Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Micro-link hair extensions — also called micro-links, microbeads, and micro rings — are not a new trend, but they’ve been getting a revival on TikTok and Instagram.

Micro-links have been around for years but were always a hidden secret as no one wearing these extensions would advertise them since they looked so natural. Today, however, these hair extensions are kicking up a storm on social media! Micro-links are also approved by the Black community as the best choice of hair extensions and as a better alternative compared to wigs and weaves.

A micro-link extension is essentially a tiny bead, often made out of silicone or metal, that connects your natural hair to the extension. Once a cluster of your hair is linked through it, these microbeads are clamped shut and locked in place.

It’s a simple effortless, and convenient hair extension method that requires no heating tool, thus ensuring there’s no damage to your hair.


What are the Benefits of Micro-Link Hair Extensions?

#1. They Make Your Hair Look Effortlessly Styled

If there’s one thing anything getting hair extensions aims for it’s for the extensions to look natural and blend right in with your hair — and that’s precisely what micro-links do. Micro-links offer a seamless and subtle lift to your natural hair that looks completely natural.

The strands, including the links, are almost impossible to spot even if they’re placed high in your roots. When installed correctly, even you may struggle to tell that you have hair extensions on, especially since you probably won’t even feel those beads when you run your fingers through your hair.

#2. They’re Easy to Install

If you are someone who prioritizes the health of their hair but also wants to experiment with different styles, then micro hair link extensions are your best choice. They’ll give you the length, volume, and style you want without causing any hair damage.

Installing these hair extensions doesn’t require using heat, harsh chemicals, hair tape, or glue, thus guaranteeing there is no stress or pressure on your hair and scalp. The entire process of micro-link installation is comfortable and painless, although you may have to exercise some patience.

The best part? You can safely use your trusty shampoo and conditioner and stick to your regular hair care routine even with the extensions on!

#3. They Provide Styling Flexibility

One of the top reasons people get extensions is to achieve a different look, and micro-hair link extensions provide you with a lot of freedom to style your hair the way you like! Your hair with extensions can be curled or straightened anytime you want.

You can also play with color, length, and texture without worrying about damaging your natural hair and extensions. Micro-hair link extensions are highly adaptable. Feel free to put your hair up or leave it down without worrying about any stiffness that’s common with other kinds of hair extensions.

#4. They Last Longer

The longevity of hair extensions is always dependent on you and the way you maintain them. But with micro-links, you can maximize your investment! These little babies easily last for up to three months and can even last for five months with proper hair care.

Go ahead and style your hair any way you like! You don’t have to worry about your extensions for at least a couple of months! And when you have to remove them, you can opt to either flaunt your natural hair or have a go again and have a new set of micro-link hair extensions installed!

#5. They Are Easier To Maintain

As there is no glue or adhesive used for installing micro-link hair extensions, you can expect maintenance to be low and manageable. You don’t have to invest in additional hair care products or learn new routines.

You can safely continue with your current hair care routine without the risk of damaging your new extensions!


After Thoughts

Choosing the right hair extensions can make a striking difference to your overall look, boosting the natural beauty of your lustrous locks! Micro-links are a fantastic option for enhancing your natural hair while avoiding any harmful chemicals or other damage to your hair. With micro-link hair extensions, you can play around with a wide range of hairstyles in a safe, hassle-free manner!