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Wire Hair Extensions

Love the look of swishy, long hair but struggle with installing hair extensions? Can clips and tape be a bit uncomfortable on your sensitive scalp? You don’t have to sacrifice the look you want for the comfort you need – wire hair extensions are here for you in the most comfortable and sleek way possible.

Wire hair extensions are a simple and easy way to achieve those vivacious locks you’ve been looking for. And they’re so easy to apply, making them perfect for hair extension newcomers. The wire weft is created by attaching the hair to a thin nylon wire, which becomes undetectable when placed under your natural hair. These are a wonderful option for ladies looking for length without the time-consuming application of clips, tapes, or beads. Instead, just slip the wire on over your head, an inch or two from your hairline. Then, pull the top layer of your own hair over the nylon to hide it. Because this style of hair extension hugs so closely to your head, it will blend in seamlessly with your own natural hair.

Wire hair extensions work best for those with thin to medium hair, at least shoulder-length. Our wire extensions are created using only the highest quality Remy hair; the cuticle of each strand runs the same direction and is minimally processed, so your extensions are guaranteed to be smooth and sleek, blending in with your own hair naturally and resisting any tendency to tangle or get frizzy. So if you’re looking for the easiest way to get the hair you want without damaging your own strands, check out wire hair extensions!

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