Do halo hair extensions damage your hair?

February 05, 2020

No, halo hair extensions do not damage your hair at all. Unlike other hair extension methods, halo extensions sit on top of your hair rather than attach to it. This means that nothing is pulling or weighing on your strands. Even clip-in extensions, which used to be the least damaging method, tug and pull on your hair causing damage. With our halo hair extensions, there is no glue, tape, beads, or clips that can damage your natural hair. Halo extensions use the technology of a clear nylon wire to sit on top of your hair. With our halo extensions, you will get the same beautiful results as you would with other extension methods but without the damage. All you need is the halo extension and a rattail comb to put it in. Since halo hair extensions are one piece, they are quick and simple to install!

Another great thing about halo extensions is that because there are no clips, tape, or beads involved, you never have to worry about whether they are showing or not. You also don't have to worry about whether your extensions are slipping. Because the weight of the hair extension is distributed evenly across your head, they will feel so much more comfortable than other types of extensions. So, to sum it up, no, AmazingBeauty Halo Hair Extensions absolutely do not damage your hair. They are 100 percent damage free and the best choice for those that are looking to grow out their hair.