How do halo hair extensions blend into the hair?

February 05, 2020

Believe it or not, our halo hair extensions blend into the hair quite seamlessly. There is a small, clear nylon wire that sits on top of your hair. You take a rattail comb and pull you natural hair over it to cover. It is practically undetectable! Even with a blunt short haircut, halo hair extensions are easy to blend. If you do have short hair, you may need to give the extension a trim to help it blend in better. Even if your hair is on the longer side, giving halo extensions a small trim can help them to blend even better.

One of the easiest tricks to blending the extension is to add volume and texture to your natural hair. Try curling your hair or styling it into soft waves and then doing the same to the halo extension. This will make them blend flawlessly. It is also helpful if your hair and the halo extension have layers. Layers make it so that the difference between your natural hair and the extension are harder to detect. You can always bring your AmazingBeauty Halo Extension to a hairstylist to get layers cut into it if it does not already have some.