How do halo hair extensions work?

February 05, 2020

Halo hair extensions are the easiest and quickest extensions on the market. They give you long, thick, luxurious hair in seconds flat! They are perfect for those who are new to wearing extensions or for those that don’t have the time to put in clip-ins. Amazing Beauty Halo Hair Extensions are one piece and sit on top of the head using a thin, clear nylon wire. The nylon wire is almost undetectable and your natural hair will help to keep it in place. Unlike all other hair extension methods, halo extensions do not attach to your hair. This means that there is no damage done to your natural hair. Our halo hair extensions are super comfortable to wear and easy to take in and out, unlike some semi-permanent hair extensions.

Simply take our halo extension and place the wire at the top of your head approximately 1 to 2 inches from the hairline. The closer the wire is to the hairline, the more secure the extension will feel. Next, take a rattail comb and gently pull your natural hair up and over the extension. Once you have pulled your natural hair over to cover the extension, simply style your hair and the extension as you normally would. It will blend flawlessly!