How do you care for halo hair extensions?

February 05, 2020

Halo hair extensions are quite easy to care for. You’ll want to lay them flat for storage in the box they came with or find another box that will work. Always be sure to detangle the extensions after you take them out. A brush with looped bristles or a wide tooth comb is best, as you want to avoid pulling the hair when detangling. Remy extensions are human hair, which means that they can be styled with heat. You will want to choose the lowest heat setting for this to minimize damage to the hair.

 We must be even more gentle with halo extensions because unlike our natural hair, they do not have natural oils to protect them. This means that you should avoid using products with alcohol and sulfates. These ingredients are in many hair products so you have to be very cautious when buying products for your extensions. Alcohol and sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and hair extensions do not have a method of replenishing the oils like our natural hair does.

 Try to keep washing your halo extensions to a minimum. The less they are washed, the better. There is no official schedule in which you should wash your extensions. It all depends on how much you wear them and how much product you put in them. You will know when it is time for a wash when you feel a sort of buildup of products in the extensions. Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to wash them. Be careful not to bunch them up when washing, and use a gentle conditioner on them as well. Air drying is best for halo extensions but if you must blow dry them, use a cool setting. When drying extensions, detangle them and gently pat the moisture out of them. Be careful not to rough them up with the towel and lay them flat to dry.