Can I color, bleach, and use heat on halo extensions?

February 05, 2020

Yes, yes, and yes! Although you can technically bleach the halo extensions, it is not recommended. Bleach can be very harsh and the results can be a bit unpredictable. As a rule of thumb, always buy extensions lighter than your natural hair. That way you can avoid bleaching them and dye them a darker shade if needed. The reason behind this is that bleach is much harsher than hair color and we want to be as gentle as possible with the extensions. Always be sure to pick a gentle hair color when dying extensions and pick the lowest strength developer possible.

You can certainly use heat on Amazing Beauty Halo Hair Extensions. As long as they are human hair (specifically remy), you are free to use curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow dryers. When using heat on extensions, be sure to use a heat protectant and put your styling tool on the lowest heat setting possible. This will help to protect the halo extensions from damage and make them last longer. Try to avoid blow drying your extensions and always let them airdry. If you absolutely must blow dry them, put it on the cool heat setting. You want to minimize the amount of heat that you use on them in order to keep them as healthy as possible. Halo hair extensions do not have any form of protection like our natural hair does. Natural hair has oils from our scalp that help to condition our hair. Since hair extensions lack these natural oils, they can become dried out and damaged easily.