Your Indique Hair Extensions Black Friday Wishlist!

October 26, 2021

Your Indique Hair Extensions Black Friday Wishlist!

Come Black Friday, make sure to add to your cart hair extensions. Why? You’ll never know the dramatic change a hair extension can do unless you try it.

The Black Friday sale in USA, when this must-have beauty product is on fire sale, is the ultimate time to discover why hair extensions can literally upgrade your looks— you’ll instantly go from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous.

Are hair extensions worth the money?If you’re undecided between upgrading your mobile phone and getting a hair extension, go for the latter. Yes, it’s worth the money!

Here are the 5 reasons why hair extensions should be on your Black Friday list!

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#1. They Add Life And Color

Bored with your current hair color? Hair extensions can solve that problem. You’d be delighted to find that many hair extensions nowadays come in gorgeous, vibrant colors.

Care for an Ombre? A Balayage? You bet you can simply clip on these dyed or colored hair extensions without the risk of damaging your hair from the dye. If you are allergic to dyes, a hair extension with a shade that you’ve always wanted to try is a heaven sent.


#2. They Add Length

Experiencing regret over cutting your hair? Or you simply want to try wearing different lengths of hair? You’ll enjoy changing your looks with hair extensions.

No need to wait for months, or even years, to reach your desired length of hair. Just attach a hair extension and voila! You’ve achieved your long hair goal in one day! The best thing? You can even cut and style your hair extension to achieve your most desired look.


#3. They Add Volume

Perhaps thin, dull hair has always been your problem. Or, you probably have lovely hair, but you know that you need to add volume to your tresses to upgrade your looks. Especially in this holiday season, when you’ll be attending plenty of parties, and you know that looking great will make you feel great!

Celebrities and news anchors use hair extensions, that’s why they look great on the red carpet or on TV. Bouncy, healthy, sexy hair— all of that will be achieved with hair extensions.


#4. They Hide Split Ends

Split ends have always been a hassle and an annoying problem, especially if you’re growing your hair long. The secret to hiding them is simple— hair extensions.

Just simply clip in hair extensions and you can enjoy your long hair without split ends. It’s just that easy!

#5. No Hair Damage

The best thing about hair extensions is that you can easily change the length, color, and style of your hair— without the risk of hair damage. How cool is that?

Hair is one’s crowning glory. The psychological effect of having amazing, celebrity-looking hair is long-lasting. It will make you feel more confident and sexier. As a result, you become more sociable and attractive.

If you’re wondering if there are hair extensions for curly frizzy hair,the answer is yes. There are luscious curly hair extensions available, and they look so authentic and can blend with your hair.


Different Types Of Hair Extensions


Hair Extension Pros And Cons

If you’re still undecided whether to try hair extensions for the first time, let this be your guide. Here are the pros and cons of hair extensions.


Apart from the above 5 reasons above to get hair extensions this coming Black Friday, here are other reasons why it’s great to invest in these integrated tresses:

  1. Versatility - you can put it in or take it out on a daily basis. How convenient, too.
  2. No regrets - Imagine the freedom of not committing to a single hairstyle.
  3. It solves bad hair days - With hair extensions, there will be no more bad hair days.
  4. Forever - How long do hair extensions last?A very, very long time if you take care of it.
  5. Suitable for all hair types - Do You have frizzy hair? Coarse hair? It doesn’t matter. Hair extensions are still applicable to you.
  6. They can be styled - Yes, styled, colored, cut. More creative freedom.
  7. Authentic hair - Most hair extensions nowadays use authentic human hair. So that you’d look natural with that authentic mane, and not as if you’re wearing a costume.
  8. Secure - You don’t need to worry about your integrated locks suddenly slipping off of your hair.



It’s hard to come up with cons, because hair extensions have a reputation to be easy, safe, and long-lasting. However, not all products are perfect, so here are the cons of hair extensions.

  1. No wash - Some types of hair extensions, like the tape-in kind, will require you to skip shampooing for at least 48 hours. This is to help the tape to stick properly.
  2. Time-consuming - Just the hot fusion type— because its application can take 8 hours max.
  3. Thin hair issues  - If you pick the clip-in type, it won’t work if your hair is too thin. Best to choose a different type of hair extension.
  4. Maintenance -  Like all things, you need to take care of your hair extension. Not exactly a con— just a natural thing to do.

For the Black Friday sale, check out some quality hair extensions here to add to your cart!