Want to Wear Clip in Hair Extensions Every Day? Here’s How to Do It

June 28, 2017

Want to Wear Clip in Hair Extensions Every Day? Here’s How to Do It

Clip in hair extensions have gained tremendous popularity in the past few years because they make adding extensions to your hair much less complicated.  The ease with which clip in hair extensions can be attached and removed from the hair makes them a go to hair style enhancement tool for people who lead busy lives and don’t have time to spend hours getting semi permanent extensions installed at the salon.

Many love the appearance of their clip in hair extensions give them so much that they choose to wear them every day.  Clip in hair extensions can be worn daily if proper precautions are made to protect your hair from the stress and strain of daily styling.

Use these tips to keep your own hair healthy every time you wear your clip in hair extensions:

Tip #1

Be gentle

Removing clip in hair extensions too quickly or roughly can cause damage to your hair. Strands of your hair may get wrapped around or entangled in the clips of your clip in hair extensions while you’re wearing them. Avoid possible damage to your hair by detaching and lifting your clip in hair extensions out of your hair slowly and gently and be certain that your own hair is completely detached from the clips before pulling your clip in hair extensions away from your scalp.

Tip #2

Use good judgment

If your scalp is becomes irritated from the clips of your clip in hair extensions after several days of wearing them it may be a sign that you should attach your clip in hair extensionsdifferently or give them a break for a few days. Inspect your hair regularly to be sure your hair isn’t breaking off at the site where you attach your extensions and avoid sleeping in them if possible. Make the health of your hair a top priority. Clip in hair extensions are meant to be a fun and easy way to enhance the length or volume of your hair. When you take care of your hair you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of wearing your extensions and the beauty as well as the health of your own hair.

Tip #3

Take good care of your own hair

Remove the clip in extensions and wash and condition your own hair on a consistent basis to infuse your hair with moisture and keep it clean. Use oil treatments, leave in conditioners, protein treatments and other products to give the strands of your hair additional strength and to replace the natural oils and other essential nutrients lost during the shampooing process. Keep the usage of hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and other heated hair styling tools to a minimum to prevent breakage and heat related damage to your hair. If your hair is chemically treated take extra steps to keep your hair well moisturized so that it stays soft and doesn’t become dry hard and brittle. Individuals with color treated and relaxed hair should take especially good care of their hair because their hair is generally made weaker as the result of chemical treatments.