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Are you addicted clip in hair extensions? Find Out if You’re Obsessed


Long, beautiful, luxurious hair is a beauty ideal that untold numbers of people have tried tirelessly to attain for thousands of years. Luscious locks have long been thought to enhance the femininity, beauty and attractiveness of the person who possesses them.

It’s no wonder that many people have come to rely on clip in hair extensions to supplement their hair. Clip in hair extensions can give anyone that something extra they’ve been looking for and many people have come to depend upon clip in hair extensions to help them create a beautiful and alluring appearance.

Anyone can create stylish, trendy and sophisticated hair styles in the blink of an eye with clip in hair extensions. They’re fun and flattering and make it easy to go from average looking hair to next level fashion magazine model quality hair making them sometimes very hard to part with.

Addiction and obsession occurs when the need for something goes beyond our control and when we experience symptoms of withdrawal when we try to break free. Clip in hair extensions, of course, aren’t harmful to your health but many people find that they’re very hard to live without after they’ve worn them for a while.

Here are some ways you can tell if you’re addicted and completely obsessed with clip in hair extensions:

  1. You never take them out

If you wear your clip in hair extensions every day of the week and on weekends and even to sleep at night it’s quite possible you’re suffering from clip in hair extension obsession. When you not just want to wear them but feel that you need to wear them you’ve taken the first step toward clip in hair extension addiction.

  1. You feel naked without them

If you feel naked when you leave the house without wearing your clip in hair extensions then you may be suffering from clip in hair extension addiction. Feeling like you’re not quite yourself, that you need your clip in hair extensions to feel good about your appearance or that you don’t care for how you look without them can be indications that your clip in hair extensions have become a very important part of your life that you can’t live without.

  1. You tell people they’re your real hair

If you’ve successfully convinced or even tried to convince your friends, family or coworkers that your clip in hair extensions are in fact your real hair then you just might be addicted to them. If you feel that you need to keep them in because you don’t want people to know that your real hair is short or damaged you may be hooked on wearing them.

  1. You own them in every texture and color available

If you know all there is to know about clip in hair extensions and own them in everything from curly to straight and in every color then you may have reached the point of obsession.

Clip in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to make your hair look absolutely stunning. Try them once and you may be surprised how quickly you fall in love with your new look and how easy it is to become totally obsessed.


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