Tutorials of DIY Updos At Home

May 16, 2019

Tutorials of DIY Updos At Home

For these days when you have neither time nor patience to sit down and style your hair into intricate braids and do beautiful twirls, an updo is your best bet.

It is not every day you would have the luxury of time to sit in front of your mirror and get your hair done properly and making use of your heating tools. The truth is that in such times you would only be able to do a quick fix.

It might be a quick fix but it also has to look great on you. In this article, we will be showing you easy updos you can do at home with little effort and still look great.

  1. Sock bun: This ballerina bun look is a classic. Aesthetic pleasing and pretty simple to pull off. The sock bun is a great choice for almost any occasion or event at all. Going to the mall or hanging out with friends the sock bun will serve you perfectly well. You can easily get this look with a doughnut or an actual sock. Sock bun Image
  2. Braided Gibson tuck: This updo is simple and looks great on anyone. To get the braided Gibson look, twist your braided ponytail into a pretty bun and Voila you have got a quick and great looking fix. You can pull off this updo within 5 minutes. Braided Gibson tuck Image
  3. Ponytail wrap: You know that bling wrap that is lying around your closet or on your drawer. It is the key to this hairstyle. You can upgrade your regular ponytail by adding a new dimension with a bling wrap.Ponytail wrap Image
  4. The gold leaf: This quick updo draws some inspiration from the SS14 runway by sprinkling some gold leaf on a braided bun. Essentially you are pimping the braided bun with a gold leaf
  5. French maid wrap: Bad hair days will come, it is how you tackle them that matters. The French maid wrap is a simple solution for such and hair days. It is a simple solution which would only require you to wrap your hair with a pretty scarf. Yeah, it is that simple.French maid wrap Image
  6. Side Bun: Looking for a quick updo for your cycling routine then this hairstyle is probably your best bet. It is simple, pretty and easy to pick. The great thing about this updo is that you can put on your helmet without doing any real damage to its look. The look is chic and it is one you should probably try out. 
  7. Flower hairpiece: For that simple, sweet and romantic look, you can use a flower hairpiece (preferable a high pin) to augment the beauty of your high bun.Flower hairpiece Image
  8. Sleek parted ponytail:  The ponytail is great but one of its best parts is that it is versatile in use. With this updo, you can achieve a great look by parting a plain pony to the side to give it a much sleeker look.Sleek parted ponytail Image
  9. 1960s ponytail: Get that retro vibe on with this easy updo. To pull this off simply whip your hair into a messy ponytail.1960s ponytail Image
  10. French braid bun: Finish your French braid in a top bun, and it will look trendier than ever. (via The Shine Project) French braid bun Image
  11. Messy upside-down French braid bun: The French braid looks great but do you know what would look absolutely unique and stunning if given a try, a messy upside-down French braid bun. It is basically a regular French braid upside down.
  12. Rodarte braids: Messy hair becomes art in this updo. Elegant, unhinged and wild, this updo can be achieved by braiding a long section of your hair on each and tying up the braids into a bun in the back. Finish by making a loose braid under the bun.
  13. 2-Minute easy updo: All you need to pull of this hairstyle is an elastic headband and hair. Your hair does not have to be very long. The updo is easy to pick up and it takes little time nor effort to pick up.2-Minute easy updo Image
  14. Mid knot: If there is the top knot and low knot then you can be sure that there is definitely a mid knot. This updo is a simple detailed hairstyle you can get done in a matter of minutes. 
  15. The knotted updo: Don’t have the time to deal with hair falling off your face then you should strongly consider the knotted updo. This hairstyle has a chic look and is also great for concealing dirty hair
  16. Messy bun: A messy bun takes advantage of a mess to give you an updo that is quite pretty. With the easy updo, you would not have to worry about keeping your hair in shape for the most part of the day.