How To Get Big Volume Hair In Few Mins

May 17, 2019

How To Get Big Volume Hair In Few Mins

     Size matters and the bigger the better. You want more volume to your hair, we can help you achieve that within minutes with our hair volume building tips.

     Getting a bigger volume can be a hard task but it is not an impossible one to do. We've found ways to manipulate the roots and parts of your hair to give it that much needed extra volume, and the best part about this is that you can achieve this either from the comfort of your home or the coolness of your hair salon.

     Are you ready to go from big to bigger within minutes? Then, let's proceed.

  1. Part Change: Changing your part helps create volume at the crown of your hair. We all have a favorite part that we've been rocking for years on end. Most times it's where your hair falls naturally, but the problem with this is that you're training the hair to stay like that and that's where it would like flat the most. The part could be a little off-center or somewhere around the middle. Changing or switching your part from its natural to fall, immediately gives your hair more volume at the crown. Giving it apart while your hair is wet, stops it from looking lopsided. You can as well go for a deep side part on the opposite side of your hair while it's dry, securing it with hairspray to make it firm for higher and bigger volume.Part Your Hair
  2. Tease: A little teasing never does anyone any harm and it would do your hair much good. Tease your hair using the back-combing technique to create soft volumes of hair, you can secure the teased parts with hairspray and let down the rest to achieve a smooth finish. We told it's quite achievable, didn't we?
  3. Blow-dry: Blow-drying your hair adds volume to it, but blow-drying it upside down adds more volume. All you have to do is flip your hair upside down, this allows your scalp to automatically lift off your scalp for an instant and easy voluminous finish. You could also attempt a blowout to give your hair more volume. Use your round brush and wrap your hair (starting from the root) around it, blow-dry the hair with the nozzle pointed downward, then slowly pull the brush out from the roots to the edges of your hair, drying it all the way. For more volume, lift the hair upwards with the round brush and blow-dry in the same manner.Blow-dry Your Hair
  4. Volume Building Shampoo: Volume building shampoo helps you build up the volume as the name implies. Go for the clear and translucent ones that don't allow for heavy chemical us. A color-safe sulfate-free volume building shampoo will not only give you extra volume, but it will also not weigh your hair down or damage it.
  5. Hair Mask to Boost Roots: Boosting your roots with hair masks will give it the much-needed structure to support any lifts to create volume, think of it as a foundation for your hair. Only apply them to damp hair as they won't be effective when applied to dry hair.Hair Mask to Boost Roots
  6. Root Crimping: Crimping your hair kind of faded way back in the '90s, but it's back with a twist. Instead of crimping the whole hair, all you do is crimp the roots. Crimping the underlayers of your hair makes it stand out from the scalp but disguised by the top layers, leaving your hair voluminous and your roots undetected.Root Crimping
  7. Hot Rollers: Hot rollers give you fuller and voluminous hair within minutes. All you need to be done is to choose the directions you want your waves to flow. For instance, rolling it away from your face gives you outward and fuller waves, and rolling it inwards or towards your face gives you a vintage and inward wave. To make your voluminous waves last, apply hairspray before hot rolling, leave the rollers in till they cool before taking them out and then finally brushing with a soft brush to maintain the waves. Hot Rollers
  8. Dry Shampoo: Oil will affect your volume, that's where dry shampoos come in. Dry shampoo prevents oil from spreading down the hair shafts and weighing your strands, especially when there's a build up of oil and hair care products. Spraying it through the lengths of your hair helps create more texture, as dry shampoo comes with volume building effects.
  9. Color: Color just has that effect of bringing everything to life. A little coloring on your hair is bound to add more volume to your hair as it also shakes up your hair cuticles to hold more volume.Hair Color Products
  10. Hair Extensions: This guarantees more volume of hair in minutes, just go with the thickest set of 220gand voila! You've got bigger, thicker and more volume of hair to make a bold statement.Hair Extensions

     There you have it, easy tips to add more volume to your hair. Try it out and get bigger volumes in minutes.