Top 2023 Hair Trends

October 20, 2022

Top 2023 Hair Trends

Getting yourself fixed up for the new year will be easier than you had anticipated with all of the new styles in 2023. This will be the guide to have you keeping up with the latest trends in 2023. According to Women’s Health Magazine, these four pros have the 411 on all the top styles to get you through 2023, and a few old accessories that are “back” into style. I love the oldies but goodies. With stars like Jennifer Anniston and Carrie Fisher. Oh, did I mention all of the latest styles that have hit or will hit the runways in 2023. The stylist pros know all of the top 2023 style accessories, and even tips on which hat to use for those having in a hurry hair days. If you're starting to feel the hair blah. One of these professional tips will get you back into shape.

It is that time when your roots are starting to grow out and you cannot decide if you want to ombre in some mocha or chocolate brown strands to tone down your summer do, or if you want to add blonde to keep your summer lights looking bright. How about letting those roots show?

  • Natural Roots-Yes, going natural can be the answer you're looking for. It might be a little hard to get used to the feeling of going all natural, but, oh so much easier. Margot Robbie gracefully turned the job of letting your roots grow out into a style. All you need to do is add a color-gloss service to your next salon visit. Did you know that shiny was a color? You can get a quick service and enhance your natural hair color shine. Redken Shades EQ has a clear gloss that will give you a vibrant shine to aid you in growing out your natural roots. You can also try Redkens virtual hair color tool to help assist you in trying before buying your new haircolor. Of course you don’t need to try on the gloss because shiny is a color that looks good on everyone.

  • Contouring-has been a make- up must have for celebs like Khloe’ Kardashian and many of us, but did you know that you could also contour your hair? Hair contouring is done by freehanding highlighted color around the face and the interior of your hair. Dark colors will shorten and slim the face and lighter colors will widen and elongate your face. Just like your make-up, you are playing with the shadow and light dimensions. You can find many examples and ideas of hair color contouring on Instagram.
  • Money-piece highlights-Since we are talking about contouring we might as well get to the money-piece highlights. The money-piece highlights are an inexpensive way to brighten up the strands around your face. It does not matter if you choose small pieces of hair or big chunks. If you go with a few shades off from your current color or purple. The money-piece highlights are the perfect amount of colored strands around your face. To appear like you have had a full color service. Hence the tag “money-piece”.

  • Bobs-The classic style that is in almost every must have, or must try hairstyle list. The bob. A sheek style that you just cannot go wrong with. Still holding its style no matter how the bob is worn and will for many years to come. The bob will still be on the “must have” list. You just can’t go wrong with a style that holds up to its name for that amount of time in the ever changing beauty world. For those who have a style you’re not ready to part with, but also love the fun look of the bob. You can go to Amazing Beauty Hair and pick the perfect 100 % natural hair extension to give you the perfect bob look in 2023.
  • All natural-Once again in this article we are seeing the move for all natural women in 2023 coming on. The wave is hitting. The all natural wave that is. Just being you and up playing it or down playing it a bit. The style for those mornings we are running behind, or the month’s we cannot budget in the hair salon.. I don’t know if I am ready for this wave, but maybe someone with curly -unruly hair can add gel and let it go wild and still pull offlooking amazing. I will be one of those who have a harder time embracing the natural look.
  • Sleek and Shiney-There has also been a new trend with the sleek shine look. Glass skin is the new Koren skin care craze. Getting that almost reflective look is the goal. Well with all skin and make-up trends, there is a hair trend to match. So the straight sleek and shiny look is a must have in 2022. It does not matter the length of your hair, just get it as straight and shiny as you can. Using any kind of shine spray will help rock this look. The Redken's color gloss may come into use here as well.

  • Accessories-For those girls who have always loved the jaw clips, but save it for your sweat-pant days. The jaw clips are coming back. Big or small. With or without the tortoise shell coloring. The old school decorative hair clips are coming back. The big style tip for those who don’t have time to fix or do or put a clip in it. The bucket hat will still have you in style. Even if you're having a not so stylish hair day. Cover it up and still be privy to the trends.

That is the 2022 style trend tips you will need to get you through the rest of 2022 without missing a beat. You can always find the latest in hair and beauty trends and the most sought after hairstyles at Amazing Beauty Hair