What Are Some Habits That Will Immediately Ruin Your Hair Extensions

November 03, 2022

What Are Some Habits That Will Immediately Ruin Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the MVP when it comes to saving a bad hair day. They can instantly change your look, especially if you are not ready to chop your hair or dye it a different color. You can also have fun experimenting with hairstyles without worrying about causing any styling damage to your hair.

And just like your natural hair, even extensions need TLC.  

The better care you take of your extensions, the longer you can enjoy using them.

Here are some common mistakes that can damage your hair extensions:

#1. Poor Brushing Habits

Wondering why your hair extensions have suddenly become dull and look damaged? It may be because you are brushing it incorrectly or are using the wrong brush.

The improper technique of brushing along with the wrong kind of brush can cause the strands of your hair extensions to break.

You need to be extremely careful and use delicate strokes when brushing your extensions.

Hold them in your hands or put them on a hair mannequin head if you have one. Then start brushing your hair extensions from the end or tips and move upwards. This simple process can remove the tangles without snapping the strands of the hair.

If you find yourself using hair extensions for a long time, invest in a looped bristle brush. This brush is made in a way such that it does not pull the strands too much while still being an effective tool to detangle.

#2. Wrong Hair Products

You can easily use dry shampoos or even salt sprays for that quick hair fix. Sure, these would work on your natural hair. But they would not when you have your hair extensions on.

Avoid heavy hair products like leave-in conditioners, gels, mousse, or hairspray on hair extensions. Not only will these products weigh down your extensions, but they will also encourage dirt and dust buildup.

In turn, the buildup can make your hair extensions greasy, sticky, and awful!


#3. Too Much Heat

Even your natural hair shouldn't be exposed to too much heat, so why subject your hair extensions to heat damage?

While blow drying is sometimes a must to help straighten and smoothen your hair extensions, you should not overdo it!

Too much heat can strip the moisture from your hair extensions and leave your clip-on looking lifeless. Heat damage can also degrade the color of your extensions, making them appear dull over time.

So when you need to blow dry your hair, go ahead but make sure you are not wearing your hair extensions.

#4. Overuse

You may love your hair extensions so much that you forget to remove them.

Hair extensions, especially clip-on ones, are designed only to be worn for a few hours. You should not sleep with your hair extensions on or go to the gym and complete your errands while wearing them for prolonged periods.

Additionally, because you are too used to having them as part of your hair, you can end up snagging or pulling your extensions too much, causing the strands to break or get damaged.

Instead, always follow the advice of your hair stylist or the instructions that come with your hair extensions.

#5. Overwashing

There is a misconception that when you wash your natural hair, you must clean your extensions too.

Washing extensions too often can cause them to get dry and become limp.

In case you need to wash your extensions, use a sulfate-free shampoo. Wet the extension and then massage the shampoo through the strands very gently.


When using a weft hair extension, wash it per weft and not as a set.

#6. Using Harsh Adhesives

You may believe that the stronger the adhesive is, the better it is in ensuring that your hair extensions are well-glued onto your hair.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Harsh adhesives can damage the extensions and affect your natural hair too. Even your scalp is prone to bear damage from adhesives.

Steer clear of bad adhesives. In case your scalp sustains damage,  treat it with urgency.

Always use the adhesives that come with your hair extensions or have them applied by a professional hair stylist with extensive knowledge of the process.


Extend the Life of Your Extensions

Hair extensions can make your day, especially if you get yours from Amazing Beauty Hair. Our versatile hair extensions come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your every mood.

But you have to remember that extensions require proper care to retain their appeal.

If you are guilty of any of the habits mentioned above, you must change your hair care routine as soon as possible. Take care of your extensions as you would take care of your hair!