The Ultimate Guide to Hair Rollers for Your Heatless Curls 

December 23, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Rollers for Your Heatless Curls 

It’s 2021, almost 2022 actually! As a new year present we should all abandon our bad habits with hair and start with a new approach, more healthy for our hair and for our well being!

We all know that styling our hair with heat, especially at high temperatures, will burn them, make them fizzy and overall damage them permanently. This eventually means that it can be okay to use heat for a special occasion or in some other rare scenarios, especially if your hair is particularly unruly and is hard to get under control, but also styling our hair with heat can not be a safe solution for everyday styling. Today there are many alternatives and products, from masks to sprays that can help prevent the damage of long term heat processes on hair, but still, they will never be able to keep your hair healthy and shiny if you choose to treat it aggressively with hight temperatures on a daily basis.


Plus, we have to consider that if it is already very bad to use heat to style our natural hair it is way way worse to style our hair extensions with heat! First of all because we can not use many chemical products and oils on hair extensions, since the building up of these substances will compromise the health of the hair extensions and will interfere with their structure, making them fall apart, so of course to avoid it we cannot use products that would normally function as “protectors” for human hair, but that needs to be avoided on hair extensions.

Just for clarity, the best quality of hair extensions is made with Remy Human Hair, so the difference doesn’t sit in the hair itself, but in the capability of your scalp to produce substances that keep your natural hair moisturized, oiled and protected. Of course this capability can’t be replicated in hair extensions since they aren’t attached to the scalp.

But guess what? After considering all the differences between natural hair and extensions, all the risks and the pros of using heat on them we came to the the conclusion that we really don’t need heat to style our hair, even for the trickiest types of hair there are heatless solutions that can 100% save your everyday styling routine without compromising the health of your hair.

Today we are going to explore in detail the hardest type of hair to style, and possibly the hardest type of everyday hairstyles: natural curls!

The issue with curls is the high risk of fuzzing and their weakness when in contact with humidity. The lock tends to fade down, the hair gets heavy and the hairstyle (and the day) is ruined!

But lets go by steps, what’s the most convenient way to get your perfect heatless curls?

Either you are speaking about hair extensions or natural hair the good all grandma- trick has never been surceased yet: the hair rollers!


Looking like a 50s pin up before bed, hair rollers will guarantee the best result in the morning. The tricky part is perfectly placing them and understand how voluminous we want the look and how big the locks. But once you get a little practice you will even be able to master your look playing with different hair roller dimensions, giving more volume to the scalp and ending with a princess-like lock, for example.

This method works even better if you are experimenting with hair extensions, since you will have more control if you are not working directly on your head! You can perfectly see where you are placing the hair rollers and how you are twisting them! Now just have fun trying out tight spirals, beach waves or full on Marilyn Monroe locks!

The most common hair rollers you can choose to buy from are the foam rollers, the steam rollers and the velcro rollers.

The foam rollers are the one you can play with the most if you want to create a voluminous look or natural waves. You can decide, based on the time you have or the tightness of the locks, to keep them overnight or just for a few hours during the day. This type of curling technique doesn’t require your hair to be wet, it actually works better with dry hair, this is why it is perfect to style your hair extensions! Since it is always better to avoid washing extensions too frequently.

If you are really looking forwards to a lioness type of hairstyle you can gently spray some water from 30 to 40 cm away from the scalp, in this way you will humidify the interested area without soaking the hair extensions!

The steam rollers, on the other hand are the more versatile tool you can choose for your heatless curls. You can achieve a variety of curly looks and different patterns just applying them in different ways. If you want to maximize the curly effect start from the back and bottom of your hair or hair extensions and roll towards the scalp.

If on more chilled days you are looking for effortless loose curls, apply the roller on your roots and twist your hair around the roller, this technique will guarantee bouncy beach-waves and is super fast and easy to do!

And now the classic and infallible velcro rollers! Has every grandma teaches, you can never go wrong with the good old methods! The Velcro hair roller can create either loose curls or tight ringlets without problems, just switching the size of the Velcro roller and the direction you decide for your curls.

This type of roller is also the most commonly used for both human hair and extension hair, because you don’t need to use any heat nor water on your hair, making it 100% safe.

If you are approaching the velcro hair rollers for the first time, here’s a little guide to help you through the process. It might seem hard but after the first full head you’ll already be an expert.

Also, the suggestion from the Amazing Beauty Hair team is to try this method on your hair extensions first, instead of your natural hair. It will be easier to understand how to perfectly place every roll and where, with just a little practice you’ll be able to replicate it on your natural hair as well in just a matter of seconds!

To start styling your hair section off your hair to match the exact size of the velcro roller, make sure that the section is perfectly brushed out and smooth to the touch. If you are trying out this style on your natural hair and you want to maximize the curly effect, you can lightly spray a hint of hairspray to be sure your hair rollers will just work the magic.

Please be careful not to use hairspray on your hair extensions, they will get dry and dirty, also, hair extensions don’t need the extra boost from the spray, since they don’t naturally produce moisture like our own hair and they will keep the lock in place without help!

Now, while holding your hair securely straight, roll the ends of your hair around the roller, making sure it will stick to the velcro surface. Keep the hair rollers in for at least 20 minutes, we highly suggest to even sleep with them for the best result, live your vintage diva moment and get the ready for your perfect heatless curls!