The perfect hair mask to make home with simple ingredients and maximum result

January 05, 2022

The perfect hair mask to make home with simple ingredients and maximum result

Is your hair dry? Or maybe oily? Or is it opaque? Or fizzy? Every type of natural hair needs a very balanced mix of “ingredients” to nourish the hair as needed, according to the extremely different types of hair the every girl has. Either you have thin straight hair or super curly afro hair, your hair will still be unique and will need a specific combination of health care products to shine like they are meant to. It is not enough to categorize hair into straight or curly, you need to experiment and understand your real hair type before applying any type of product to your scalp.

The most common error is to think that products aren’t good, we convince ourself that the most expensive products are the ones that we’ll guarantee us the most result. The truth is that in most cases we don’t even see results with the “best” products, and we convince ourself that the product was just not good enough. We come to this conclusion with the products we buy, let’s not even imagine with hair products we can create on our home with simple ingredients, we would never believe that something natural, organic and even edible could really have a result on our hair, while natural home made products can really make a difference!

The truth is that, in most cases, we should blame the wrong use and choice of products to our own inability to understand ourhair type, we think we know our hair type and we go for what seems the most familiar to our habits, maybe forcing our hair into a routine that just doesn’t fit, even highlighting the weak points we were trying to solve.

The one thing we don’t really think about is that thehair type we assume we have might not be our real hair type! We just treat our hair forcing it to bestraight,curly,wavy etc.

For example if your hair is fizzy and dull It is almost sure that you were not “just born with that” but that you are aggressively treating your hair as if it wasstraight, using high temperatures, chemical products and straightening tools.

Now that we know that all of our previous problems withhair products might come from ignoring our true nature we can cut off all the chemical products and aggressive masks we used to put on our scalp and focus on the ingredients that can actually work, according to ourhair type, to create thebest hair mask at home, with some simple ingredients that we can find in our kitchen and that can really show amazing results!Hair masks are unique, because unlike your daily shampoo and conditioner, they can reach further into the hair strand and heal damaged hair.

The handmade hair mask we are going to talk about is a nourishing hair mask, that is perfect to recover your hair from years of inappropriate treatments and aggressive chemical products and building up. The only hair mask that can be used on every hair type is, indeed, a nourishing hair mask based on proteins. The only thing that might vary from hair type to hair type and that you’ll have to consider, is how often to apply this type of mask. Of course the straighter and oiler the hair, the less it will be necessary to moisturize, while the more fizzy and dry, for example if you have colored hair, the more it’s important to use a mask that is intensely nourishing and use it often, to help keep yourcolor looking fresh and your hair looking healthy.

For chemically processed hair, a protein rich is top tier. Hair masks which help to strengthen the hair often contain proteins, which temporarily helps to improve the structure of thehair and helps the hair to retain water. Proteins are also a perfect component for elasticity and general health, you might not understand the result straight away but you will definitely see it in the long run.

Today we are going to explore a hair mask to boots moisture and nourish you hair, but of course if youll like this mask you can then decide to add some ingredients according to your needs or make your own variations on proportions and timing.

All youll need for this homemade hair mask is a banana, honey and yogurt!

This mask is perfect for dryhair since bananas are extremely rich in vitamins, potassium and carbohydrates which are know to work very well together to help lock in moisture and get rid of frizziness. On the other hand yogurt has very elevate levels of lactic acid, which is a natural cure for dullness and which is able to repair damaged hair already after the first couple of uses. In the end Honey adds moisture and hydration to dry hair.

If you are suffering from extremely opaque hair and youd like to add extra shine just mix in a spoon of olive oil or coconut oil for extra moisture and silkiness.

The instructions are very easy to follow as well, just combine one mashed banana with two  or two and a half tablespoons of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey and blend everything together.

Apply the mixture to damp hair from to bottom, making sure to cover your whole length and your scalp!

Now tie your hair for 30 to 50 minutes, you can also cover it with a shower cup or  plastic wrap for extra comfort.

Rinse your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner and dry it as you would have regularly done, for the maximum result it would be better to take out the excess water and dry the hair naturally, without direct heat.

And now enjoy your nourished and healthy hair!

Repeat the treatment once a week for the first month, then, according to the reaction of your hair intensify the treatments or try something new for different results! The world of home made hair masks can hide some really precious gems, you just have to discover them!