Must-have Products and Top Tools for Styling Hair Extensions: Part Two

September 24, 2020

Must-have Products and Top Tools for Styling Hair Extensions: Part Two

Your hair extensions provide extra length, volume, and added “oomph” to your hair, but if you never style them, they can just end up looking blah. Human hair extensions behave and look much like your own hair because they are, of course, made from real human hair! You have to maintain and style them to achieve your desired style, whether that is smooth and sleek, soft and wavy, or curly and voluminous.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite top tools for styling hair extensions that not only help you achieve your favorite styles, but also help to maintain the health and integrity of your hair extensions. Win-win!


  1. Hair Dryer Brush

A hair dryer brush is a two-in-one product, blow drying your hair while you brush it. It can help to cut down your styling time in half, while reducing the amount of heat on your hair extensions, since you may not need to use a hot styling tool after drying.

Check out Amazon for a variety of hair dryer brushes, as well as Ulta Beauty. The Revlon Volumizer Hair Brush is a popular one with tons of great reviews.


Hair Dryer Brush
  1. A Variety of Brushes

You most likely have a regular flat brush for brushing your hair, but there are actually a variety of brushes you should add to your tools for styling hair extensions to benefit your extensions:

  • Round brush– Create salon-quality blow outs for shine and volume
  • Boar bristle brush– Combat frizz and add shine to your hair
  • Loop brush– This brush is made specifically for hair extensions, in which the teeth on the brush are looped (don’t come to a point) and won’t snag or tug on your extensions


  1. Curl Scarf

If you wish to avoid putting excess heat on your hair extensions but still love bouncy, wavy styles, then heatless curls are a go-to style. The Curl Scarf serves as a comfy structure in which you wrap damp hair up and around to create no-heat curls as your hair dries.

 Curl Scarf

  1. Curling Irons in Multiple Sizes

Sometimes, however, you just can’t wait around for heatless curls. Having curling wands in multiple size barrels will allow you to easily create waves and curls in minutes. Just be sure to use your heat protectant (Read Part One of this post!) before styling!


  1. Mini Flat Iron

A mini flat iron is perfect for defeating fly-away hairs and those wispy baby hairs that can go awry around your hairline. The miniature size also allows you to get close to your scalp, taming any unwanted waves and creases.


  1. Silk Hair Bonnet or Silk Pillowcase

It is good practice to put your hair up before you go to sleep, to prevent tangles and knots (especially if you have semi-permanent hair extensions). Using a silk hair bonnet is an easy way to ensure your hair stays together at night, but if you aren’t a fan of wearing things in your hair at night, using a silk pillowcase in place of a cotton one will give your hair a silky smooth resting place to reduce tangles, knots, and moisture loss (since silk doesn’t absorb oils).

 Silk Hair Bonnet or Silk Pillowcase

  1. Combs

Combs are must-have tools for styling hair extensions and your own hair. Build a collection of different types of combs to make styling your hair extensions easier and more efficient. The combs to add to your arsenal include:

  • Rattail fine-tooth comb: The rattail comb has a skinny pointed end which is used for parting and creating clean sections in your hair. The fine-tooth comb can be used for smoothing the hair and backcombing.  
  • Teasing comb:A teasing comb is truly a small brush that makes teasing the hair to create volume and texture a snap.
  • Wide-tooth comb:A wide-tooth comb is important for taking proper care of your hair extensions, and is the best option for combing wet hair after showering or swimming.


  1. Bobby Pins and Hair Clips

If you’re attempting any style besides simple down styles, chances are you’re going to need bobby pins. Hair clips are essential tools for styling hair extensions, and help to keep hair clipped out of the way so you can focus on styling one area at a time.

We love these crocodile clips for keeping your hair out of your face and out of the way while styling (plus, they’re pretty!).


Bobby Pins and Hair Clips
  1. Hair Donut

The hair donut is one of those revolutionary hair accessories that can help you create the perfectly clean, sleek bun in a matter of minutes. They’re inexpensive and come in brown and beige to suit both brunette and blonde hair.


  1. Ponytail Spirals

If you love a ponytail, whether as a flirty style or for relaxing, the ponytail spiral holders are a must-have because they are gentle on hair and won’t cause damage or breakage (plus, they won’t leave that annoying crease).


Ponytail Spirals
  1. Extensions Holder

This styling tool is essential for those with hair extensions! The extensions holder makes it sooo easy when blow drying and styling hair extensions and takes care of the task of holding your extensions up while you’re styling them.


Splurge: Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and styling tools

If you feel like splurging on your styling toolset, check out the hair dryer, and straightener from Dyson. While expensive, the Dyson styling products have been touted to work amazingly well at drying and styling hair, while helping to cut down on styling time and reducing the amount of heat needed to create beautiful looking hair.

Which of these must-have tools for styling hair extensions do you already have? Are there any that surprised you? Which ones are you adding to your shopping list right now?! We’d love to hear in the comments!