Must-have Products and Tools for Styling Hair Extensions: Part One

September 17, 2020

Must-have Products and Tools for Styling Hair Extensions: Part One

As someone who loves the volume and length that your hair extensions give your natural hair, you no doubt want to take the best care of them. Hair extensions require a lot of tender loving care to keep them healthy and looking beautiful for many weeks, and one way that you can help to take good care of them is by choosing the right styling products and tools.

If your goal is to look amazing, achieve near-perfect hair styles, and keep your extensions healthy and luminous, then you’ll love this part one round-up of must-have products and tools for styling hair extensions to guide you.


Why Are Special Products Necessary for Hair Extensions?

First of all, you might be wondering why it is so important to choose special products and tools for hair extensions. The main reason is that hair extensions have been disconnected from their source of nourishment and hydration: the scalp. Once the hair for hair extensions is cut from someone’s head, it has been cut off from its nutritional source and moisture from natural oils.

It is now your job to regularly provide your hair extensions with nourishment and hydration in the form of certain products and practices.

The following list consists of the must-have products for styling hair extensions and keeping them looking healthy.


Must-Have Products for Hair Extensions:

  1. Nourishing Hair Oils

As we mentioned above, your hair extensions are no longer attached to their source for nutrition and hydration, and one way you can help to supply them with nourishment and moisture is with natural oils.

Oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, and castor oil are all highly supportive to hair health and will help to keep your extensions looking shiny and glossy. You can also use natural oils to tame frizz by rubbing a small glob of oil on your hands and running them over the top of your hair.


  1. Heat Protectant

Hair extensions tend to be drier than natural hair since they lack their hydration source from the scalp. Because of their dry nature, you want to avoid causing more dryness and damaged by protecting hair extensions from heat.

Each time you use a hot styling tool or hair dryer, use a heat protectant beforehand to combat the damage from the high heat exposure.


  1. Dry Shampoo

A good dry shampoo can help you extend the length of time between shampoos, since it is most beneficial to your extensions to avoid over-washing. Dry shampoo also adds grip and texture to hair, making styling easier and preventing updos from slipping. The dry shampoo spray from Living Proof not only soaks up excess oil, but sweat and odor, too.


  1. Volumizing Spray/Powder

A volumizing product, whether in a spray or powder, will also add grip to your hair for easier styling, and will add loads of volume to help you achieve big, bouncy hair styles and the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Unlike a spray, a volumizing powder is a dry texture and can often deliver better results with lifting hair at the roots and adding bulk through to the ends.


  1. Versatile Hair Spray

Hair spray is a biggie for ensuring the styles you create with your hair extensions hold up and stay put. Look for options that offer a range of “hold value,” from light hold to heavy stay power, like the Design.Me Hold.Me Three Ways Hair Spray which provides light, medium and strong hold all in one.


  1. Anti-Static Spray

An anti-static spray is meant to add moisture back in your hair to remove the static, which, as we’ve described, is an important step since extensions tend to be drier than your own hair.

You can apply anti-static products to your hair when it’s damp, or when your hair is dry and you’re experiencing static, frizz and fly-away hairs.


  1. Detangling Spray

When hair is wet, it is often full of tangles and knots but that is also when the hair is most vulnerable to damage. You want to avoid harshly brushing and yanking on wet hair to remove tangles and a detangling spray can make it easier to take away tangles and brush hair extensions. This product is not only a detangler, but also protects hair from heat and acts as a leave-in conditioner, which are all important for keeping hair extensions healthy.

Additional Considerations for Styling Hair Extensions

  • Purchase products that say they are made for “dry and damaged hair” since they are gentler on hair (and because you should treat hair extensions as if they are dry and damaged)
  • Don’t over-shampoo your hair extensions (wash about every 30 wears to avoid drying them out)


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