Get Fall Ready Hair Color with Hair Extensions

October 13, 2020

Get Fall Ready Hair Color with Hair Extensions

Fall is officially here in the northern hemisphere and with cooler weather and a wardrobe change comes a nudge to change up your personal style. Autumn is famous for warm spices, pumpkin lattes, fiery landscapes and golden sunsets. One gorgeous way to infuse fall into your look is with autumnal hair color. If you’re unsure of committing to a new look, use hair extensions to not only give your hair a fall makeover, but to also add length and volume to your hair.

Get fall ready hair color with hair extensions in the following fall color trends.


  1. Cinnamon Ombre

Medium and dark brunettes can add some fall inspired spice to their locks with strands of cinnamon ombre. Several pieces blended in from the mid-shaft to ends are just enough to add warmth and brightness around the face. Hair extensions are the perfect tool if you want to rock the ombre look. Add in a few wefts throughout your hair that are in a lighter cinnamon and they’ll naturally create an ombre look, with your darker hair on top.


Cinnamon Ombre
  1. Mushroom Blonde

“Mushroom blonde” isn’t quite dirty blonde, since it isn’t warm or golden. Rather, mushroom blonde is more neutral in tone and is the perfect shade to tone down bright and summery blonde to a more autumnal look. Weave in a few lighter ombre highlights to add shine and brightness, and to avoid it looking too “one note.” Blending in a few hair extension wefts can help you create this neutral, mushroom blonde color, by toning down your lighter blonde hair without completely saturating your own locks.


Mushroom Blonde
  1. Almost-Black with Golden Undertones

The “almost-black” color is about one shade lighter than true black, offering subtly warmer tones when in the sunlight. An almost-black color is lifted up when backed by a golden hued base. Without actually adding red undertones to the hair, the result offers a hint of warm cinnamon and nutmeg that is just beautiful for the fall season.


  1. Blood Orange-Red

Darker than copper, blood-orange red has more undertones of pink and coral rather than yellow and looks absolutely stunning set against the backdrop of changing leaves and a fall sunset. Blood-orange red looks beautiful on medium to darker brunettes, so that it doesn’t look overly artificial. This color works very well as an ombre, blending in blood-orange pieces towards the ends with hair extensions.


  1. Rooted Blonde

Darker roots continue to be a popular look for blondes, offering less maintenance and the perfect way to transition into fall without a darker all-over color.

This look can be achieved with any shade of blonde, since the roots are meant to match your natural color and the blonde color is infused into the mid-shaft with the ends being the brightest. Hair extensions are perfect for this particular look because you can rock a few bright blonde wefts to achieve this ombre, rooted blonde, without having to bleach your own hair and damage it.


Rooted Blonde
  1. Spiced Chestnut

A spicy reddish brown with swirling shades of chestnut and cinnamon is the quintessential fall hair color. It combines everything we love about fall, from the delicious spices to the warm and cozy colors. These autumnal shades work well with most skin tones and are very versatile, staying fresh into the holiday season and beyond. Try an all-over hair color in spiced chestnut, or achieve an ombre accent on a darker base with hair extensions in chestnut and cinnamon.


  1. Ruby Red

For those who want a bold look for fall, you can’t go wrong with ruby red. Gemstone hair colors are especially in right now, and a ruby red is not only perfect for fall but also one of the easiest gemstone colors to achieve. If you have darker hair, then to achieve a bold, ruby red you may have to bleach your hair a few levels and that can damage your hair and make regrowth obvious. Turn to hair extensions to avoid damaging your own hair and spending hours at the salon to achieve this head-turner. Ruby red hair can otherwise be a headache to achieve, but hair extensions make it as easy as clipping in a few wefts.


Ruby Red
  1. Mahogany

Deep reds are very on trend this fall season, and are much easier to achieve and maintain than a bright red. Mahogany, burgundy, and auburn shades are very sophisticated and look stunning when mixed with deep brunettes to create loads of depth and richness. When paired with a darker brown, mahogany tones look beautiful as an ombre effect and are easy to achieve with hair extensions.


Do you have your fall ready hair color in mind? The next step is to choose the right hair extension set to help you achieve luscious autumnal locks. It’s important to go for Remy human hair extensions in order for the result to look the most natural and authentic. Hair extensions made from 100% human hair act and look just like your own hair, and can be styled with hot tools and colored by your stylist. No matter which of these fall hair color trends you want to try, hair extensions can be customized to match the look. Browse human hair extensions in our shop for the highest quality hair extensions that ship straight to your door!