How To Wash Your Hair Extensions?

May 09, 2017

How To Wash Your Hair Extensions?

Wash hair extensions could be a little tricky because your have all this extra hair,like sew in hair extensions,tape in hair extensions or fusion hair extensions.Here are a few quick tips for you.

So first thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to wash your hair frequently.You want to try train your hair and wash it as least frequently as possible, so every other day, every 3 days is best.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is that you want to remove all of the tangles before you actually do wash your hair. So if your hair is quite tangle you should very carefully comb them out before you step into the shower just to avoid any excess tangling.

And of course you want to avoid the bonds. So no matter what type of extensions you have in, whether it be fusion, weft, tape, micro ring etc you want to avoid where the attachment method is when you're scrubbing. So you don't want to scrub very aggressively where the bond is.

Okay, so let's assume that you are ready to step into the shower, you've already combed out your hair and your hair is ready to get washed. The most important thing to do is make sure that you're standing straight and you don't have your head flipped over because that can cause extra tangling and it will be very difficult for you to maneuver your hands in your hair if your heads flipped upside down. So the best thing to do is to be standing in the shower.

Once you have gotten your hair wet in the shower you obviously give yourself some shampoo in your hand. Since you have a lot more hair, you probably need more shampoo. But the good news is, you'll really only be scrubbing your roots. So for the most part when people get extensions, they don't have extensions very high, they kind of stop right around that area.

So when you're washing your hair, you have it wet and you put your shampoo in your hands and what you're doing is you're scrubbing up here. So the parts that get oily is your scalp and the most important part to wash is around your face obviously so you don’t look like you have greasy hair. So you want to scrub all around your ears, and around your crown and in the back and stop when you start to feel the bonds, don't scrub where the bonds are. So once this is all lathered what you do is you just sort of bring the shampoo down and just kind of caress your hair and rub it. No need to rub the actual hair extensions themselves. They do not produce oils so they don't get really greasy so a little bit of cleansing shampoo is all it really needs and once that is done then all you have to do is rinse your hair and now it's time for conditioner.

So the most important thing to think about with conditioner is you don't want to put conditioner right on the bond in most cases whether it be the fusion, the tapes, even the rings because conditioner can cause the extensions to slip or if you do have fusions can kind of ruin the glue a little bit, soften the glue basically and you could experience shedding. You want to avoid conditioner on the attachment method. Saying that though it is very important to condition your hair, just to keep the moisture in and keep them looking nice and shiny and healthy. So once its time to apply conditioner what you do is you kind of start midway and then you apply your conditioner as liberally as you want, there is really no rule, put as much as you want just try to avoid the bonds.

And then once that’s done, rinse thoroughly, make sure that you don't leave any shampoo or conditioner residue in your extensions because you can find that that can make your hair feel itchy, or your scalp feel itchy. That’s usually the reason why, because there's build up so try to rinse thoroughly.

So once you get out of the shower it is important not to wrap your hair up like normal, like you normally would. Most people do that, after they shower they take the shower and they go and they wrap it all up and then they leave it for like an hour and sometimes they get ready do other things. With extensions it is important not to do that. Firstly it is important to instead of rubbing vigorously, you just want to pat your hair dry. Try to remove all the moisture very very carefully. Try not to be rough at this stage then once your hair is dry enough I recommend applying a really good leave-in conditioner, not to the bonds but to the bottom and then combing your hair out very carefully and then drying your hair right away.

It is super important to dry your hair right away especially if you have the fusion extensions. Leaving your hair wet for a long time can cause damage to the glue and again make your extensions possibly fall out or shed so drying your hair right after is super important. At the very least if you can't dry the entire thing, dry the roots so that the roots aren't sitting soaking wet.