Clip In Hair Extensions,Tape In Hair Extensions,Which One To Choose?

May 10, 2017

Clip In Hair Extensions,Tape In Hair Extensions,Which One To Choose?

In recent years the extension hair market has grown by leaps and bounds. From the tried and true clip in methods to now there are even fusion with keratin bonds out there. There are very many avenues you can try when wanting to achieve that longer fuller look, and we are going to examine choosing between clip in and tape in extensions. It is good to ask yourself a few questions when you start the quest. Let’s go over these questions.

  1. Are you looking for something more permanent?
  2. How much time do you have to dedicate to styling?
  3. Are you wanting to have extensions in every day?
  4. Do you color your hair?
  5. How much money are you looking to spend on your extensions?

How Long Are You Wanting to Have Extensions?

This question not only focuses on how long you want extensions to last, as in their effectiveness and longevity over time, but also when you would need to replace them. Historically, with a great deal of care clip in extensions can last for years! That is a solid investment for those who are looking for a particular style and perhaps not wear them every day. The care you need to perform is good washing habits, not excessively touching them, and gently comb. Tape in’s will typically last around 3 solid months of wear. This is continuous and are not removed until they have grown out and need to be removed. Some brands you can reuse, which requires new tape to be added. Since you wash tape in’s with your own hair, it will essentially wear out the extensions faster the more time you shampoo.

Styling Time

You will want to think solidly about how much time you are wanting to invest daily to styling your hair. If you are always in a rush or don’t have time to dedicate to styling having a great install of tape in’s might be the ideal choice for you. Clip in’s depending on the kind you buy and what the status of your natural hair is will determine how much time it will take to do them. With clip in’s your focus will be on hiding the wefts. With tape in’s they are virtually invisible and can actually have many more styling options, that can make your styling time less.

Are Extensions Every Day Something for You?

This is a complete personal preference. Some people enjoy the ability to remove extensions every night and not sleeping with them in. Clip in’s are super easy to put in and even easier to remove. Tape in’s are a leave in method of hair extensions and are not removed. This means you will wash them the same time you wash your hair. You would also want to be sure you are not over washing them, because they can loose some adhesive qualities with many washes and shampoo application. If you have never used extensions before, it is slightly recommended to try using clip in’s before any other method.

Coloring with Extensions

If you are a religiously must color your hair, or get root touch ups this is also something you need to consider. It is not generally recommended to color your hair when you have tape in extensions install. The harsh chemicals from hair coloring can wear out the adhesive on the strips causing them to loosen prematurely and start sliding down the hair shafts. This will most certainly bring you back to the salon to get them replaced and possibly change the tape on them. Clip in’s can be removed at any time, making coloring just as normal as it would be without them. So before you color just remove the extensions and reinstall after. With both methods of hair extensions you will want to not change your color drastically or you will find that you no longer match the extension color and will need to color the actual hair.

How Much Are You Wanting to Invest in Hair?

Most people really focus in on the cost of hair, not only the initial amount to purchase, but also if there is additional cost to owning them. With clip in extensions you only have the upfront cost of the hair itself. Although, it can vary depending on the quality of hair you get. Human hair will always cost more, just as Remy hair is the best hair on the market and demands a higher premium. Synthetic hair can be bought for cheap and even though it’s price tag is friendly, it does not hold up the way human hair does. It can't have high heat used therefore you are limited on how you can style. It also just doesn't look as real. Tape ins are pretty much the same way, however it is not wise to skimp and try synthetic here because they are not removed day to day and the tangles alone would become frustrating. With that said, make an investment on good quality hair extensions. They will last longer and you will be much happier with the quality.