How To Make Your Curls Last Loner In Few Mins

June 25, 2019

How To Make Your Curls Last Loner In Few Mins

     Curls are loved by everybody, and everybody loves and wants beautiful, wavy, bouncy, coily, flawless, and healthy curls.

     The funny thing about the curls is that no matter how much you love them, you just can't keep them curly all day long - or so you think. It's a pleasure telling you all that you can have beautiful, coily, and wavy curls all day long.

     We've gathered helpful tips to help you make your curls last longer with all it's bounce and beauty, without losing shine and vibrancy. Keep on reading to learn more about the tips.

  1. Shower: This is the very beginning of every good hair. Your curls will last longer if you get the foundation ready and that begins from the shower. Washing your hair helps rid it of dirt, oil builds up and other factors that can pollute it, after all, your curls need to be healthy. Washing your hair guarantees the possibility of you having healthy and long-lasting curls when the time comes for it. One important thing to note is to skip the conditioner when washing your hair. Applying conditioner to your hair while washing tends to make your hair too sleek, slippery and soft, which doesn't provide a firm foundation for your curls to sit on. The very first step to a long lasting curl is for the hair to have texture and grip, which leads us to the next step.Wash Hair
  2. Don't wash daily: Washing daily makes your hair too soft, which is one thing your curls don't need right now. Wash at intervals and start your curls two to three days after a wash, this helps it hold better. It's a less known secret that curls tend to hold more on dirtier hair compared to fresher and cleaner ones. Are you afraid of oil and dirt build up in your hair? Not to worry, just apply some dry shampoo to your hair roots to soak up all excess oil. Washing at intervals also helps the natural oils to perform their work in providing a firmer surface to lock in the curls.Prepare Making Curly Pattern
  3. Prepare your hair: Prepare your hair to have more texture and grip but less moisture, for this you have to go for some thickening mousse. Mousse contains alcohol which strips moisture off the hair and thickens the hair to enhance its hold. For effective hold, apply the mousse with your finger from the roots through to the end. This is the one time we approve the use of alcohol as it is normally harmful to your hair if applied in large quantities.Prepare Your Hair
  4. Switch to quality heat styling products: Going for quality heat styling tools will make your curly hair last longer. The lesser quality or substandard hear styling tools will do much damage to your curls and your hair, but going for quality heat styling tools that are coated with ceramic will do less damage. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to use the tools at 250°F - 300°F to achieve your curls and prevent damage.Use Heat Styling Tools
  5. Choose the right hair products: Your curls will go through heat styling procedures unless you're going heatless which is more advisable, so it is the best option for you and your curls to choose the right hair products. Go for a heat protectant that will not only limit the damage of high temperatures to your hair but also protect it from heat. Choose a texturizing hairspray that will provide your hair with more texture to hold in curls from falling apart. Don't forget to invest also in DIY hair masks to give your hair all-round protection, nourishment, and texture.Choose Right Hair Products
  6. Cool your curls: If you want to get your curls to last, let them cool down. Heat makes your curls, cooling it down makes it last longer. Cooling your hair after each curling process allows the cuticles to close and hold the curls into place.Make Your Curl
  7. Tighten the curls: After the curls have been left to cool (preferably 10 - 15 minutes), tighten them so that they last much longer, it's a known fact that your curls will fall out, the more you tighten the curls, the higher the chances of it lasting longer.
  8. Spray for texture: This is the final step to gaining a long lasting curl, spray it with a texturizing spray. Texturizing spray adds more volume, less weight and more bounce to your curls, it doesn't stop there. It also has a similar function to the dry shampoo as it neutralizes the oils in your hair to function better and hold the curls in place.

     All these tips will not only help your curls stay in place, it will make sure it has more texture and body and also look fuller, beautiful, bouncy, flawless and healthy. Try them out!