How to Curl and Straighten Your Hair Extensions

March 26, 2019

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How to Curl and Straighten Your Hair Extensions

You have just gotten your first hair extensionsand you are so delighted to have given yourself a new look. However, you wish to give them a curl or straighten them as per your preference but still don’t know how to do it. Well, you must be wondering can I really do it.  If I can, what are the best methods available for me to do this right without damaging my expensive hair extensions?

You don’t have to worry as there are several ways that you can use to straighten or curl your hair extensions. It doesn’t matter whether the extensions are clip-in, tape-in, or micro ring/loop. You are going to learn about the various methods of straightening or curling hair extensions either by use of hot tools or not. If you are using Remy or human hair extensions, you don’t really have to worry because there isn’t much harm in using curling irons on them. Just make sure that you apply protectant spray and not do the hot curling so often.

Straighten Hair

So, do you really have to visit a hair salon get your hair extension curled or straightened?

You will be tempted to do it the easy way and that is to visit a hair salon but this is usually not that necessary. Well, if you want to spend money then you can visit a salon, but this is something that you can easily do all by yourself. Besides, all the methods that professional hairstylists use to curl or straighten your hair extensions are usually easy and simple to follow. Within no time if you are keen and serious you will be able to learn about the methods. You can check out online tutorials or YouTube videos. With this, you will be able to save yourself money that your hairstylist will charge. And what's more, once you get the knowledge, you can always curl the hair extensions as per your preference. This will save both your time and money. There are usually many different hair extension curling and straightening options available depending on the hair extension hair texture.

For permanent hair extensions such as tape-ins, fusion, or micro-loop, they can't be taken off. This means that you will need to curl/straighten them like you would curl/straighten your own natural hair. For the clip in and flip in wefts, there is an option for you to curl them whether installed or even when they are off your hair. The choice is all yours and there is no harm to have them curled while they are still installed on your hair or when they have been removed. One thing is for sure though, curling/straightening them when they are still on your hair, allows you to see how the waves or curls look on you and if they are really blending with your hair! Please note that there are also curly/straight hair extensions available and you could get ready from the shop if you fret at the task of having to do the same by yourself.

Trim Hair

How to curl your hair extensions:

Curl your hair extension with a curling wand

This is by far the easiest and also the quickest method to curl your hair extension. Curling wand is not expensive and you should be able to find one from the market at an affordable rate. You will like working with a curling wand because it will produce great results for you. Just ensure that you get a quality product that will work fine for you and does not damage your valuable hair extensions. Always be careful when using a curling iron. Expect to get impressive results as the versatility of the curling iron can be seen in the various types of curls it is able to produce! Just don’t forget to brush the hair strands of your hair extension before you begin the curling process. It is also a good idea to wash the extension to be curled before you do anything.

Curling wand

  1. The strand by strand curling option –this is just one of the hair extension curling options available. Its level of difficulty is considered to be moderate and should take you between twenty and forty minutes to complete. This method will work on real human hair extension and you shouldn't experience any blending problems.
  2. The ponytail curling method –this hair extension curling method is good for women who are not yet experienced at the process. It is considered to be so easy and ideal for you if you want your extensions curled immediately. With this method, you can be done in just less than five minutes. You can use this method if the extensions that you have are voluminous and thick. Thick and voluminous hair is easier to handle and even curl on a high ponytail.

Curling the hair extension without heat

Well, the business of curling hair extensions is not only limited to the use of hot tools. There are various methods available for you to curl your hair without necessarily using curling irons. In fact the no heat used method is a sure way to guarantee the durability of your extensions. The only undoing of this option is that it takes a rather long time to get the results desired. With this method, you definitely have to wait a little bit longer to get results. This means that you should opt for this method only if you are not after instant results.

Curl Hair

Common options available for this method:

  • The hair roller method –this is a very old method of making curls and it has been around for many years. Please note that there are usually various types of curlers available. Just be sure that as you remove the rollers you don’t entangle the locks. The method is easy to follow and can be used even by novice people.
  • The sock bun curling method –this is yet another hair extension curling technique that you could use although it remains strange for most folks.

The straw curling technique

This is another easy hair extension curling method that you can use if you really don’t have the right tools to make the curls. You can make use of cylindrical objects such as pencils or even straws of plastic to roll the hair.

 How to straighten your hair extensions:

 Straightening your hair extensions with a flat Iron

This method is good for those who love flaunting straight hair. Since immemorial times almost every girl love to have long and straight hair.  Flat iron or a hair straightener is the perfect tool for any girl who wants to have a gorgeous straight hair look. In fact, it makes sense to opt for this method as there are many options available from cheap ones to expensive ones as far as hair straighter are concerned. A good hair straightener should perfectly straighten your hair extensions without any issues. A good hair straightener will help to create one of the most amazing straight hair look you will ever want. Thus using a hair straightener could be a boon for straight hair lovers.

Straighten Hair with flat Iron

Straightening your hair extensions could be fun. For this you may need the following tools:

  • Some hair clips
  • Comb
  • A flat iron or a hair straightener
  • Serum for giving shine to hair
  • Heat protector for hair

There are two ways by which you can straighten your hair extensions:

  • Straightening the hair extensions before applying them
  • Straightening the hair extensions after applying them

 Straightening the hair extensions before applying them:

Use a paddle brush to untangle the hair extensions and then lay out your wefts on a flat surface. Now holding the base of your weft slowly straighten it with a flat iron down the length of extension after using the heat protector spray. Keep on repeating this step until the extensions are straight. Now straighten your natural hair to match with the wefts. Apply the clip-in extensions on your hair and then apply hair serum.

Straightening the hair extensions after applying them:

 Attach your clip-in hair extensions on your natural hair then spray heat protector. Make a division of your hair into small sections for straightening then tie the remaining hair with a clip. After guiding the comb from the root to top, follow up with flat iron. Repeat this step until all the hair is straight. You can apply hair serum afterwards for manageable, smooth and shiny hair.

Straighten Hair by flat Iron


Curling or straightening your hair extensions should not be a headache for you now that you have read this article guide. There are options for you to straighten or curl your hair extension by way of curling irons or hair straighteners. Also if you don’t like to use hot tools on your expensive hair extensions there are non-heat options for you to choose from. Just bear in mind that all the non-heat curling or straightening methods are usually slow and only ideal for you if you are not in a hurry.  


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Jean Arceneaux
Jean Arceneaux

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