18 Extremely Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

March 22, 2019

18 Extremely Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

If you know how to properly take care of your hair, you won’t be needing any expensive products. With the right tips, you can conquer the world. We did go through our book of secrets to deliver you 18 extremely effective tips for healthy hair.

Hot Water Is Your Worst Enemy

Wash Hair

When washing your hair remember that hot water is your worst enemy. Instead, always opt for warm water. We know that hot is always better, especially during freezing winter days. But you’re not even aware of how much damage this can do to the scalp. It removes the natural oils that cover its surface, leaving the hair extremely dry and dull-looking.

Sulfates Are Not Good Either

Wash Hair

These are chemicals which are often found in hair products. Scientists say that sulfates do the same as very hot water. They have a damaging effect by stripping the natural oils from the scalp. So when you visit the supermarket, make sure to check the ingredient list on the shampoo that you’re planning to buy. You should find ones that state they are sulfate-free. Silicone has very similar effects as well, so that’s another no-no!

Be Gentle With Wet Hair

Comb Wet Hair

Wet hair deserves much more attention than you can think of. It is gentle, so it requires a soft approach. When you step out of the shower, your hair is much more prone to damage compared to when it’s dry. This is one of the extremely effective tips for healthy hair you won’t read in the books. Do not start brushing right away. Wait for the hairdo to dry out a little bit. Go for a wide-tooth comb and start from the tips and work your way up.

Avoid Super-Tight Hairstyles

Everyone likes a fabulous sleek pony, but it can be very harmful to the hair. Ladies who constantly have their hair up in tight hairstyles can experience loss and thinning. This includes very strong hair ties. When you create a ponytail use one that will not make you feel uncomfortable or even hurt. Every single make that includes pulling.

Learn How To Properly Use Conditioner

Apply Hair Conditioner

The conditioner is such a big part of many women’s regular hair routine. But are you sure that you’re using it right? Just like any other product you have to make the most out of it. The main goal of conditioning is to properly hydrate and moisturize the hair. This product has to create a protective barrier that will keep the moisture in. That might lead some ladies to think that they should apply it on the scalp. Sorry to disappoint you, but you might have been using it completely wrong. Do not put any conditioner on the scalp, instead start about two inches away.

DIY Hair Masks

DIY Hair Mask

Nothing compares to DIY hair masks that contain healthy ingredients. The best thing is that you can actually find one that really suits your hair type. The ingredient list for most is very simple and made of products that you already own at home. Every lady who decides to try out these homemade masks will save them from spending money on expensive treatments or products.

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

All of the other materials have a potential of damaging the hairdo. Investing in a quality silk pillowcase is one of the major effective tips for healthy hair. They are much gentler, and will literally prevent breakage. During sleep we all toss and turn, meaning that the hair moves as well. If you have it down, you can end up with clumps and tangled parts.

Don’t Overload On Products

Hair Shedding

The more products you use, the greater the chances are that there is plenty of residue on the scalp. All of the shampoos, conditioners, sprays still contain chemicals which you want to lower to a minimum. Turn to natural treatments such as essential oils, clean products and homemade masks. At least you’ll know what you’re putting on the hair. If you follow this advice, you’ll notice a much shinier hairdo very soon.

Get Regular Trims

Trim Hair

Hairstylists recommend that you get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. There are women who really want to grow their mane, so decide to not get it cut for months. Some even go up to a year. It is one of the worst things you can do to the hair. Regular trims don’t mean that you will be losing in length. These cuts will only remove the split ends without you or people even noticing. Healthy hair grows much faster. Plus, it will look shiny and much better than before.

Try Scalp Massages

Scalp Massages

The mechanism is very simple. We all know that a better blood flow means that the tissue gets more essential nutrients. The same thing happens with the scalp. Try doing short massages before going to bed, in the morning, or literally whenever you have to spare a few minutes during the day. There is no wrong or right way to do it. As long as you’re massaging, you’re stimulating the blood flow and it will really benefit the hair.

Finish Off With Cold Air

This is not only one of those effective tips for healthy hair, but it is also a trick that will help you out with the styling. After you’re done with blow-drying, you don’t stop there. The biggest mistake you can make is leaving the mane super-warm from the hot air. Always get a blow dryer that has an option for cold air. When you finish styling and drying it use that option to go through the hair once again. It will keep your hairdo voluminous for a longer time by sealing the follicles.

Don’t Wash It Too Often

Wet Hair

The recommended number is 2 to 3 times. Anything more than 3 is off limits. The more you treat the hair with products such as shampoo and conditioner, the greasier it will get for a shorter amount of time. Even if you use the cleanest shampoo, it still has many chemicals that can cause harm. If you’re used to washing it almost every day you can have a hard time adjusting. But go through the effort and reduce the number of washes per week. You will be grateful you read this tip.

Pre-Shampoo Is A Thing

Yes, using shampoo, serums, conditioners, oils is quite a lot of effort. But, there is one more product that we wanted to mention. Pre-shampoo has been trending for quite a while. It’s a very interesting item, meant to protect hair from the harmful ingredients in shampoos. Just by applying it at the beginning of a shower, this product will create a protective layer on the follicles and close them as well. That way they will not get in touch with bad chemicals.

Protect It!

During everyday life we get in touch with so much dirt that it’s hard to believe. Both the sun and pollution can have a very negative effect on healthy hair. This means that you need to find great products that will protect them and work for your hair type. The most important one is, of course, heat-protecting spray. This is the ideal thing for women who use any type of hot tool often. When it comes to bad UV rays, check for UV protection in sprays as well.

Save Old T-Shirts

You know how it’s really not a good idea to wrap wet hair in a towel, right? Everyone’s been talking about it for a while. But what exactly can you use if towels don’t do the job. The answer is very simple. All the old tees you have at home can now be your towels. They are made of a much softer material which is gentle to the hair. Forget about rubbing the hairdo with a towel. No harsh motions. The thing you’ll be excited to hear the most is that the frizz will be significantly improved.

Only Loose Braids

Loose Braids

If you have a habit of braiding your hair before going to bed as many gals do, there is one thing you need to know. Creating a braid is an excellent idea, since it keeps the hair in one place even when you move during the night. No tangles in the morning! But, what you don’t want to do is have a tight braid. It should be a very loose one and don’t worry about making it look perfect. You’re going to sleep anyways.

Use Conditioner Before Going In The Pool

Whether it’s winter or summer, or any other season for that matter, pools are filled with so many chemicals. The water in each pool has some chemicals that do not make your skin or hair happy. Your best option is to condition right before going to the pool. This product will keep anything harmful away from the hair.

Drink More Water

Drink Water

Do not forget to hydrate! If your body is properly moisturized, the hair will be as well. Stick to the recommended daily intake of liquids and you’ll see how much better your skin and hairdo look.