13 Halloween Makeup and Hair Looks to Try This Year

October 23, 2020

13 Halloween Makeup and Hair Looks to Try This Year

This year’s Halloween looks a bit different than past years, but there’s still plenty of reasons to dress up and be festive. Now more than ever, fun and spooky makeup and hair should be center stage, allowing you to show up and be festive, no matter how you’ll be celebrating this year.

Try one of these 13 Halloween makeup and hair looks that don’t require a costume. And hair extensions from Amazing Beauty Hair may help to make the hairstyles.


  1. Oh Deer

Deer oh deer. This look is adorable and is much easier than it may look. If you love your makeup, you likely already have everything you need to achieve this look: foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and a light powder foundation. Look for deer ears online or just put the top of your hair into two space buns on either side of your head.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to become an adorable deer for Halloween 2020.


Oh Deer
  1. Mystical Mermaid

Mermaid makeup is ethereal, mystical and uses colors in your makeup kit that you probably don’t use often. Fish out your blue, purple, and other aqua makeup colors along with some shimmer and a pair of fish net tights to make the scales. Hot glue some shells onto a headband if you’d like a hair piece.

This video tutorial makes it easy to achieve this look at home.


  1. Spooky Spider

There’s nothing more spine-chilling than a huge spider crawling out of your eye or mouth. You can achieve this look with just makeup, and have everyone you encounter jumping away from you in fear!

Follow this tutorial for the spooky step-by-step directions.


  1. Lioness

You can never go wrong when dressing up as a beautiful cat for Halloween. Rather than put on your go-to black cat costume, channel your inner lioness with this roar-ingly gorgeous look. Add loads of volume to your hair and length with hair extensions to look like a va-va-voom lioness.

Need a step-by-step? Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial.


  1. Glamourous Ghost

Some white and black makeup is all it takes to make your face into that of a ghoulish, glam ghost. Simply put together a black outfit and voila! You’re ready for a night out on Halloween.

Here’s a video tutorial for you to follow along.


  1. Sassy Scarecrow

The scarecrow look is perfect when you want something that is festive but also family-friendly. This scarecrow isn’t really scary at all, and instead is quite adorable. Put on your favorite plaid button-up shirt, add a straw hat and you’ll look like the sweetest scarecrow in the patch.

Follow along with this video for easy step-by-step directions.


  1. Skeleton face

Skeletons are basically Halloween’s mascot. You can’t go wrong with a skull face using makeup for your costume this year. There are so many ways to take the skull look, from truly scary and gory to colorful and vibrant.

Here’s a video tutorial for a simple and basic skeleton face using makeup.


  1. Sexy Black Cat

You can’t talk about Halloween looks for women without mentioning the classic black cat. This look is simple yet sexy and requires just black clothing, ears, and makeup. Take it up a notch with high heels and patent leather, or keep it kid-friendly as a sweet kitty.

Follow this makeup tutorial for the perfect black cat look.


  1. Pop Art Damsel

The pop art look is becoming increasingly pop-ular (pun intended) and we can see why. All it requires is using your makeup in a creative way to recreate the female characters in a classic comic book. You can use your regular clothes to complete this look.

Here’s step-by-step directions to help you nail this look.


Pop Art Damsel
  1. Masquerade Maven

If you’ve got above-average makeup skills, you can create your own hand-painted mask to look like you’re on your way to a midnight masquerade party. Pair this look with a cloak and some glamourous hair and you’ve nailed it.

Check out this how-to tutorial.


  1. Day and Night

Transform one half of your face as the sun and the other as the moon for a unique and unexpected Halloween look. Add some shimmery metallic lipstick for galactic glam. Style your hair and outfit however you wish.

Follow this tutorial for the step-by-step directions.


  1. Pumpkin Spice

The pumpkin spice look is truly one of the best Halloween makeup and hair looks if you don’t want to wear a costume. It is gorgeous and practical enough to wear any day. Create a lovely little headband as shown in the tutorial and wear orange to look just like a sweet pumpkin. 

Follow this video tutorial for the how-to.


  1. Vampire Vixen

We’re ending this list of 13 Halloween makeup and hair looks with the night-crawling character that prefers the dead of night to strut the scene. Some fake fangs and ghoulishly glam makeup are the nails on the coffin for this look.

Follow this tutorial to transform into a Transylvania vampire vixen.

 Vampire Vixen

The best looks for Halloween are the ones that require minimal costuming and instead let makeup and hair take center stage for styles that are simple and head-turning!

Invest in some additional makeup products to expand your toolkit along with hair extensions to add mind-blowing length and volume to your locks.