Everything You Need To Know About Dyeing Your Hair

May 06, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Dyeing Your Hair

Hair is all about colour, greys, blondes, blacks. These colours are part of the defining attributes of the human hair which is why when our hair begins to lose colour or we intend to jump on a certain hair trend, the dye is our go-to solution.

Dyes like hair come in various colours and shades, anyone can give their hair a touch of colour with some dye, however, there are things that you should know before doing so.

Below is everything you need to know about dyeing your hair.

Colored Hair

Ask Your Colorist for Advice on Color Levels

If you intend to dye your hair it is important to know what colour levels would be right for you. This is not something you might be able to find out yourself, considering the fact that hair dyes are available in a variety of shades which is why it is very important for you to seek the counsel of your hair stylist or colourist. Professional hair colourist recommend that you should always talk to your colourist who would help you determine the colour level that is just right for you.

Part Hair

Assess Your Regrowth

Many people often tend to go with the colour on the box or the hair ends instead of focusing on the regrowth. The regrowth (roots) should act as a guide in selecting the colour that you should go with.

You must know how much grey you have to cover. The key to effective application is covering the grey area and leaving the other areas of your hair untouched until the final 10 minutes of the application process. This will help to avoid build-up of colour on your hair and make the hair look more professionally done.

Dye Hair

Use Semi-Permanent Dye

Instead of permanent dye, you should go for a semi-permanent colour. Using this will help you blend your hair with minimal damage as it requires frequent application.

Semi-Permanent Dye

Use Artificial Sweetener 

For those with sensitive skin, make use of artificial sweetener. Use some artificial sweetener in your dyeing process. By adding just one packet of Sweet ‘N Low sugar to your dye you will be able to alleviate the drying effects of ammonia in the dye. Using artificial sweetener in your dyeing process not only alleviates dryness it also neutralizes pH level and deals with skin irritation.

Use a Shade Lighter 

If you are picking a dye colour it is advisable to go for a colour which is a shade lighter than the natural colour of your hair. This is the safest bet to go when dyeing so that you do not end up with a colour which does not match your natural hair colour

Blow dry Hair

Avoid Excessive Use of Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling tools are quite necessary to getting desired hairstyles but excessive use of them can bring more harm than good. If you want to dye your hair it is highly recommended that you stay off hot tools for a week before dying. The heat from blow dryers, irons and straighteners usually cause brittle and dry hair stands which may result in a lack of vibrancy of hair colour even after dying. If your hair already suffers from heat damage, you should consider getting a professional cut before dying to ensure that you are not colouring any damaged hair.

Hair Shampoo Products

Try Purple Shampoo

If you do not know of purple shampoo just yet, then you should definitely look it up. The purple shampoo helps keep your hair colour fresh and retains its natural shine. For people with blonde hair using purple Shampoo keeps your hair blonde colour looking brighter when it starts to wane into an unwanted yellow or brassy colour. Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo is a great product which can help maintain the colour of your hair. 


Use Root Touch-Up Products To Mask Gray

You should; consider touching up the roots of your hair with some temporary hair colour spray. Cover your hair with touch-up products would help mask up the greys before you have the chance to hit the salon for a professional dyeing job.

Make Use Vaseline to Avoid Stains

Dyeing could leave some stains on your skin to avoid these stains, put Vaseline around the fringes of your hairline. Doing this would stop the dye from getting on your skin.

Dye hair

The application should be done in sections

If you want a great dyeing job your safest bet is the salon but if you want a quick fix and you really want to do it yourself, you can as well try to get it right. Dyeing your hair right means distribute the colour evenly and dyeing effectively. To achieve this part your hair into sections then colour from section to section. This would result in an evenly dyed hair done in the best possible time.