Considering Take A Hair Extensions Break?

May 12, 2017

Considering Take A Hair Extensions Break?

Should I take a break between extensions?

The answer really varies based on the individual of course.

If your hair is extremely damaged, or very fine and breaks easily then I would say probably find an extension method that will be less damaging for you that you can remove and put in and not keep them in for a very long time, just to give your hair a break.

Some of our customers say; I'm going to take them out and give my hair a break for two days and then get then back in again. Okay, that's great because in that two days you can give your hair treatment, give your scalp a treatment, even touch up your roots, a lot of my clients do that, they'll touch up their roots in between. If you have very healthy hair and you are used to extensions and you've been doing it for years, if your hairs very healthy and you're taking care of it, there's really no need for a break. The only benefit a break can do for you is if you give it enough of a break that your own hair can really replenish itself and actually grow.

That's great but your hair isn't going to all of a sudden if it was unhealthy and you take two days off and then put them in again, it's not going to make any difference at all, really. It probably would take at least 3 months to see any significant growth of your own hair without having extensions in, so I wouldn't recommend it.

If you're finding that you really don't want to stay without extensions, I would go to a less permanent method in between take a bit of a break that way and then give yourself a few months and then apply them again if you want. So a couple of days break really doesn't do anything, the only thing it does is give you a chance to give yourself some treatments and stuff.

But you know, some clients assume that their hair is going to be all of a sudden perfect after a couple of days, not really. All it will do is give yourself a nice rest. I say the best part about taking out extensions is washing your hair after and being able to sleep with no bonds on your head and its so nice. That's a nice break for sure. But in regards to making your hair healthy again, if it wasn't, it probably won't do much.